I DO NOT own any of the Final Fantasy characters. All are copyrighted by Square Enix
Okay. So the fanfictions. As of now I only have a few completed with one in the progress. I will list a small description, rating, warnings and various other information along with the link (title), just so no one gets lost. And just as a side-addition, these links go to my fanfiction.net site just to make things easier.
So, yeah, I know. Get on with it, come on, give us the links. Okay, well, here they are. All writing belongs to me so please don't steal it. It's really devastating to work so hard and then have it stolen. Just so you know where I'm coming from.
Final Fantasy VII
Deceptions of the Heart When Vincent Valentine starts having disturbing dreams, he can only explain them as long-forgotten memories. Only a confrontation with a past lover can help him find the answers he seeks.
~20 chapters plus a prologue and growing!
~Starts in the game right before Snowy Village in the mountains..
~Angst, drama and some romance.
~Rated mature or NC-17 for violence, extreme language, adult situations and yaoi (VxS, CxV).
What If?
Exactly as it sounds, a what if story. What if Sephiroth hadn't gone crazy his second time and tried to destroy the planet? What if, instead, he decided to join up with AVALANCHE?
~AU (alternate universe)
~Rated teen or PG-13 for language and yaoish implications (SxC).
A short oneshot in which the Turks get a rare day off, Elena has problems and Reno and Rude discover there are other meanings to the phrase 'partners for life'. Yes, includes shonen-ai, RxR. Also includes a huge unseen event that may change the lives of the Turks forever.
~Complete oneshot
~Has no definite setpoint
~Drama, romance
~Rated mature of NC-17 for language.
Partners for Life
Belated Wishes
Another short oneshot set after Advent Children. Cid Highwind is forced to celebrate his own belated 36th birthday alone. Tired of it all, he wishes that things were different and that he had never had to lose his love. But when he's approached by a mysterious man, could his wish have come true?
~Complete oneshot
~Set after Advent Children
~Drama, romance
~Rated mature of NC-17 for language and softy yaoi, shonen-ai (CxV).
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