Okay. On to the fanart. I've separated this section into several smaller parts so to make it easier for everyone. I will add parts as I do more, so what you see is all I have for now. I ask again, please no stealing. And I have placed warnings by the separate links, just as a precaution, so watch for them.
Final Fantasy VII
Just the Final Fantasy VII artwork I have finished or started. Nothing too special, just my slight attempts at fanart.
Final Fantasy VIII
Same as above, my Final Fantasy VIII fanarts. Again, nothing too fancy.
Specialized Fanart
Ah, now more of my style. These are the specialty fanarts I have done for Final Fantasy. These include any special gift arts I have done for people, requests and, most importantly to me, accompanying art for my fanfictions. I will also include a section for any normal Final Fantasy fanart that falls into the yaoish category here.
Fanfiction Links
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