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Research Network on Learner Autonomy in Language Learning

Last updated: December 2007

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ReN Membership

In order to become a member, all you need to do is send an e-maail message to Sara Cotterall ([email protected]) including your postal address and details of which AILA affiliate you belong to (if you belong to one, though this is not a requirement for membership).

Benefits of being a member include:

  • access to a worldwide network of researchers and practitioners in the field
  • access (via the website and regular postings) to information about conferences, seminars and courses related to learner autonomy
  • the opportunity to receive and contribute to an annual electronic newsletter
  • the chance to publicise projects you are involved in (through the LAPI) and material you have published on Learner Autonomy (through the newsletter)
  • the chance to take part in a state of the art international symposium once every three years
  • the opportunity to stand for and vote in the ReN's triennial elections for conveners

We currently have 300 members in 40 countries around the world. 

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