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Research Network on Learner Autonomy in Language Learning

Last updated: December 2007

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LAPI, the Learner Autonomy Project Inventory

The Learner Autonomy Project Inventory contains descriptions of current research projects in the fields of autonomy, self-access, advising, strategies, and related areas. It is a great resource to find out what others are doing around the world and to find research collaborators. You can add your own projects(s) online by filling in a form and your project is included immediately. The LAPI is currently maintained by Hayo Reinders. you can find the LAPI here: 

AUTO-L - Electronic Discussion Forum

AUTO-L, an electronic list maintained by Anita Wenden has been in operation since February 1997. The list aims to promote dialogue and exchange among language teachers and researchers involved in learner autonomy, self-directed learning, learning strategies, learner development, learner independence, learner training and self-access. From time to time, the list moderators also invite guest moderators to provide background information and insights on topics related to the promotion of learner autonomy. 
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The forum is moderated by Sergio Valdivia.  Anyone wishing to subscribe should send a message to Anita Wenden at the following address: [email protected]


An important activity of the ReN is to produce an annual newsletter. The organisation's first newsletter was produced by Anita Wenden in 1994. For back issues of the newsletter click here.


At each AILA Congress (once every three years) since its formation in 1993, the Scientific Commission has organised a symposium on learner autonomy. The ReN will carry on the tradition. The symposium organisers have sought different times to showcase current research in learner autonomy to attract newcomers and to debate critical issues of definition and theory. Previous Symposia

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