Worms Armageddon 'N SquareEnix

Anyways this site is based on Worms Armageddon
and SqareEnix Games (and other RPGs). To the left are the links. To your right is nothing. This site links is color coded, red for coming soon, yellow for under constuction and green for ready.

Thor pwns this page

November 1, 2004A new color RR!. I've gotten too lazy to care about this site. So don't expect many l33t updates.
July 5, 2004An RR and Junk
May 2, 2004 Junk
March 11, 2004 New shopper map. Based on Final Fantasy X-2, a bit empty though. I'm going to start the Love Hina one later.
March 3, 2004A new game, it's a Stupid Survey that I stole off Funny Junk. And just to let you all know, I will be making another map soon, it's going to be a Color Map for WA (thanks to the new patch), a Shopper based on that anime show "Love Hina" (The girls are so hot), I am also working on a desktop theme based on Final Fantasy X-2, I will have a new section for that once I complete it (NOTE: The desktop themes only work on Win 95 and 98). Oh, and a table for the News :D
January 25, 2004A new fort. I call it, "Worlds Quickest Fort".
January 24, 2003Some junk.
December 31, 2003A useless pos powerpoint presentation is in the junk.
Decmeber 16, 2003I added another set of mouse icons. Also I added another Link. Oh, the Mouse Icons can get my site closed down, because my site isn't really an offical Final Fantasy fan it.

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