Welcome to the Credit section. Where I give credit to people. Either for helping out the site, maps, dedication maps, or if I just feel like it. (ATM pwned this page)

Name: c0ld
Site: c0ld's and Uberman's Fun Pages
Reason: Helping out with the site, fixing frame problems.

Name: C1
Site: Contra Clan
Reason: Advertisement, good friend, and also for helping me with the javascript contents (Yay!!)

Name: Dumazz
Reason: I made his banner, good friend

Name: ZoGgEr!
Reason: Making the forums

Name: Tim
Site: Timmy's Hairy pottery (Harry Potter and simsonsquash)
Reason: Map help, BEST FRIEND!!!

Name: ATM
Reason: Advertising. And he's a friend and his site deserved to be here.

Name: Thor
Reason: He uploaded my 1KB favicon to his server, scince Geocities won't let me. Therefore, he now pwns the main page.

Name: Silverwolf
Site: Unofficial Final Fantasy Site
Reason: He/She had the GIF's on the site for me to use to make the animated mouse icons.

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