Rope Race Maps

These are the Rope Race maps. Talk about my maps here. Click on the pictures to download them.

Rope Race Number 1

This is my first Rope Race, It's quite fun and sometimes hard. It gets tight at the ending though.

Rope Race Number 2

A Kinnda tight rope race. It's sorta ok.

Rope Race Number 3

A stupid RR. I don't like this. The start is stupid and pointless. It's possible but hard.

The Hobbit Or There and Back Again

Recognize the title? Good. I took the pictures from the book and scaned them. In the preview, it looks like <censored>. But on the map, you might be able to see it. What you do is go to the end and back. It's labled as a shopper. I don't feel like changing it. :\

Rope Race Number 4

A two turn RR. Can be done in one turn if you have 45 seconds on.

The Ledgend of Dragoon

This map is dedicated to DarkOne and FatalFanatic. Reason: DarkOne makes really fun RR's. FatalFanatic make really cool maps! (Hmm....... Anime and SquareEnix related) So yeah. This one was based on The Legend of Dragoon. A good game, with the most annoying ending.

Speed RR

Heh, another onefo those speed RR's. BUT, this one is more annoying. A pro could do this in one turn if they don't mess up. *points to self* But if your not, you'll do this in 2 turns. If you try to 1 turn it, you'll make your self go crazy. And this map is dedicated to ETHRLxFLAMExUpP (my best m8). He's away for a while, so I made this map for him.


This is a VERY nice speed RR. The Start is the finish. There are two ways to go. And there is also a huge fly at the beggining/end of the map.

Dumboy RR 1

This is a map Dumazz and I made. I did a theme with girders on the left side. Dumazz didn't have a theme, but his side is much better.


This is a really queer map. I took an RR grid and Kinnda lit it on fire.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

This map is based on one of my favorite games, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, I have dedicated this map to Newbie, one of my m8's, for inspiring me to write a walkthrough for Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Which should be on this site in the Other Stuff Section).

Etheral Flame

If you can read the preview, then you know the description. My friend is back so I made him another map!


If you can read the preview, then you know the description. My other friend, DoTricky wanted a map, so I made him one! :D


An odd RR I just made.


Yay! Rikku. Who doesn't like Rikku? A map for Rikku! Yay!
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