Solve101 Tutorial

At the very least you need two files: The solving program (Solve101.exe) and a Soma text file (36.htm), and both must live in the same directory.

Run the program. Type '36' (enter) to load the Soma text file. You HAVE to do this first before you can do anything else. Now you should be in the solving- screen. From this point, you can do 4 things:

1. Enter a figure from the Soma text file. Hit [F1], type in a number from 001 through 036, followed by the Enter key. The figure will be displayed on the upper right of the portion of the screen. Now you can solve the figure [F2] and view the solution either graphically [F3] or by text [F4]. All 10 function keys are at your disposal, so go ahead and explore. You can also rotate the figure by using the [Home]/[End] keys.

2. Enter you own figure. Hit F5, then Y (for yes), followed by the Enter key. Follow the menu on the upper-left for instructions. (Note: make sure the NUM lock key is off). You can enter a figure as small as 3 cubes or as large as 27.

3. Batch-solve every figure in the Soma text file. Hit F6, which will return you to the file-select screen. Once again type PBS (enter), and the program will automatically solve all 36 figures, and save a text file (PBS.htb) that can be viewed later after exiting out of the program.

4. Exit. Hit the ESC key, then Y (for 'yes'), then Enter.

This should be enough to get you going.

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