The Sudlow Family
of America
The following pages contain a collection of research
which documents the decendants of

Richard Sudlow
who came to America in 1766
and his wife
Abigail Wanzer
Much of this information was compiled by Terry and Bev Sudlow
(anything written in brown is a link to another page)
Oblong Meeting House, Quaker Hill, New York
Where Richard and Abigail were married
"I am well aware that in looking over the records of other families beside our own, it is the narative part that is the most interesting, and if some one don't launch out and say something beside just born, married, and died, family history might as well not be written: for surely the deeds of our ancestors put us to ernest effort to keep up the records"
John J. Haviland Letter
Starr Twp. Hocking County, Ohio
The First Family
Richard Sudlow

Abigail and the Wanzers

George and Thirza Sudlow

Elizabeth and John Haviland
Joseph and Hannah Sudlow

Phoebe and Simeon Hinman

Richard Jr. and Hannah Sudlow
Thirza (Fuller) Sudlow
Wife of George Sudlow
Elizabeth (Sudlow)
Hannah (Clapp) Sudlow
Wife of Jospeh Sudlow
Hannah (Law) Sudlow
Wife of Richard Sudlow Jr.
Simeon Hinman
Husband of Phoebe Sudlow
More Sudlow Family Photos
Sudlow Family Records
Marriage Records
Birth Records

Death Records
Cemetery Images
Census Records


IGI Listings

Sudlow Notes and Letters
(updated April, 20, 2001)
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