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1. : The Ninety-Nines - International Organization of Women's Pilots. Organization formed in 1929 by 99 women pilots.
2. The Wasps of WWII: Women AirForce Service pilots of World War II - first women to be taught how to fly military aircraft

1. magazine.
2. Women's Wilderness Institute

1. : WOMBATS: Women's Mountain Bike and Tea Society

Children's sites
1. Girls Love Sports

Climbing (Mountain and rock)
1. Women Climbing

Equipment for Women
1. Shegear: Commercial catalog site, sporting equpment for women

1. Wilderness Rites
2. Women's Wilderness Institute

1. Links to bios and web pages of distinguished women throughout history
2. National Women's Hall of Fame

Martial Arts
1. National Women's Martial Arts Foundation

Rock Climbing
1. Women's Wilderness Institute

Scuba Diving
1. Divegirl ezine, based out of the UK (United Kingdon)

Sky Diving
1. The Misty Blues: all women sky diving team

1. A Journey of Discovery: Travel tours designed for women

Whitewater rafting and kayaking
1. Wilderness Travel for women

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