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This website is under construction as of December 7, 2001
with lots of new features to be added soon.
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1.The ultimate role models: Cathy Gale and Emma Peel

2.Role models: Women who challenge(d) the wilderness

3.Suggested reading:

Book Reports and reviews

4.Sports/Outdoors Links

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We now have two mailing lists. Details below.

The Women In Wilderness Mailing List

The topics discussed in this mailing list are:

1. Women in the outdoors: hiking, biking, scubadiving, hanggliding, rock climbing, spelunking, exploring, as well as indoor sports such as the martial arts, fencing, tennis, etc.

-aspects of the sports
-info on best places to travel for each sport
-trip reports, photos, etc. (uploaded to FILES)

2. Women in male dominated professions: scientists, inventors, pilots, mechanics, any position of power, etc. etc.
-how they got into the field
-obstacles, if any, they've overcome
-updates on projects and goals

To subscribe go to: [email protected]

The Armchair Wilderness Women Mailing List

The topics discussed in this mailing list are:

Books written by women or for women, about the great outdoors, athletes, scientists, etc.
Members are also invited to provide book reports or reviews on books they've read that aren't under discussion by group as a whole.

To subscribe go to: [email protected]

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