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Questions which new members might like to bring up and reference/discuss on the WIW mailing list

1. Who is the list owner, and how can I post, or unsubscribe?

List owner and moderator is Barbara Peterson, [email protected]. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

2. Can we talk about lesbian issues?

Sure. There is no discrimination at WIW for gays, straights, minorities, majorities, etc. All are welcome to discuss issues regarding women in the wilderness.

3. Can we talk about hunting?

I'd like to think we can. Even if some people object to blood sports, if there are hunters (or huntresses, if you prefer) here, talk amongst yourselves in a thread of your own, on the list.

These questions were first posed by Anne LaBastille to 500 wilderness women in a questionaire in 1980) to consider and answer if you like, on the mailing list:

1. How do you define wilderness? What would you say are the values of wilderness?

2. How did you first get interested in outdoor/wilderness activities/work/living? Did someone ''show'' you? Who? Or did you discover the wilderness on your own?

3. What were your experiences along the way? Were you generally encouraged or discouraged? Plese explain and give examples of your experiences.

4. What did your parents do professionally? In what kinds of outdoors activities, if any, did they participate.

5. Do you think women have traditionally NOT been associated with outdoors/wilderness work/play? If not, what reasons do you see for this? What social attitudes have you observed; and where have you observed them (for example, among friends, in media, etc?)

6. Do you think women will enter increasingly into wilderness-type work and recreation? Is this phenomenon here to stay, or is it
only a fad?

7. Do you know of any females in history who have worked, played, or lived outdoors and made reputations for themselves based on these activities. (For example, Annie Oakley or Sacajawea)

8. How do you believe women differ from men in their relationship and attitude towards the outdoors? In endurance? Strength? Appreciation? Survival ability and skills? Personal hygiene requirements? Fear? Bravery? Attitude toward wildlife? Weather? Hardship? Or do you see no differences?

9. Do you know of any books, papers, journals, articles, etc. that address the subject of women in the wilderness; ie outdoor-type working women or women who've associated themselves in significant ways with wilderness?

10. Anything else you want to say on the subject?

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