The Kitchen

Welcome to my favorite spot in the house!
There are some good things baking in the oven and some fun stuff from the side of the fridge.



Thank you, Lord, for mealtime help...
Spaghetti sauce in jars,
Premixed casseroles in boxes, breakfast squares and bars,
For instant puddings and potatoes,
Gravies, soups and teas,
For frozen meals...especially those with fewer calories,
And, Lord, when there's no time to cook
To still those hunger pains,
Thank you for the miracle of all those fast-food chains.

Mmmmmmm...something smells good in the oven!
Follow Your Nose!

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Stressed Out? This diet is for you!

Some Of My Favorite Kitchens to Check Out

Just Cookies
The Food Network
Kraft Interactive Kitchen
The Kitchen Link

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