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I like to play with my camera and take photos of flowers.
Enjoy the poem while the pictures download.
Don't forget to smell the flowers!

Changing Seasons

Deanna Boomhower

I love to walk on a summer day
With flowers blooming along the way,
And sunny air that smells so sweet
Like clover crushed beneath my feet.

I love to walk on an autumn day
Mid swirling leaves and stacks of hay,
'Neath scudding clouds and branches bent,
And breathe fresh air that's heaven sent.

I love to walk on a winter's day
On ground where soft white snowflakes lay,
With silvery branches shining bright
And gentle stillness clothed in white.

I love to walk on a warm spring day
With bird song calling the month of May,
With gusts of wind and rain clouds weeping
And dandelions o'er green fields creeping.

Yes, Nature is always at her best
Be it Jack Frost swirls or robin's nest,
A hot still day, or the flame of fall
I love each season the best of all!

Just a little spring for you to enjoy!
These are some of my favorite flower pictures from Hawaii.

"Nature's smile is a blooming flower."

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