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The William Dudley Family Association has initiated a DNA Project in an attempt to determine whether any of the four Dudleys who settled in New England in the 17th century were related. To date we have determined that William Dudley and Governor Thomas Dudley, hence their descendants, are not related within genealogical times. If you are a male descendant of Francis Dudley of Concord, Massachusetts or John Dudley of Guilford, Connecticut, and carry the Dudley surname, we are especially interested in gaining your participation. To learn more or to participate in the project, just click here to e-mail me.

If you would like to see the results to date of our DNA Project, just click here


Jellybean Jar

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. We think we have something of interest to you - and hopefully, informative. What's the significance of the jar of jellybeans? We generally have a jar of them setting next to the computer so we thought we'd share them with you.

My immigrant ancestor was William Dudley. His is an interesting family - no presidents, not many great political figures - but many farmers and some other important people we're trying to document. It is our plan to tell you about them here, and to ask you to add to the information we present. We also have a few other things of genealogical interest.

If you're curious as to who Al Dudley is and why he's here, just click here. You won't find anything too personal! If you'd just as soon skip that, just go ahead and click on any of the page links at the bottom of this page.

You'll also find a linear Ahnentafel showing my Dudley line back to William.

And you can click here to read about William Dudley?


I'd like to hear from you, especially if you're a descendant of William Dudley - or think you may be. Just E-mail me by clicking here Email me! Among the descendants with surnames other than Dudley are those listed below. Each is linked to a four generation descendancy chart which can be accessed by clicking on the surname. I plan to add additional surnames, but have not yet posted the information.