James and Joshua BRAINERD, sons of Daniel BRAINERD of Braintree, Essex, England and Hannah SPENCER of Hartford, Connecticut, daughter of Jared SPENCER of Stratford, Bedfordshire, England married respectively, Deborah and Mehitable DUDLEY, daughters of WilliamA DUDLEY and Mary HILL. WilliamA DUDLEY was the son of WilliamB DUDLEY and Mary ROE. WilliamB DUDLEY who was born at sea aboard the St. John was the son of WilliamC DUDLEY and Jane LUTMAN who traveled from their home in Ockley, England to Guilford, Connecticut in 1639 with Rev. Henry WHITFIELD.

The following is a list of the descendants of Joshua and Mehitable through four generations. A list of the descendants of James and Deborah can be found by clicking here.

The superscript number is the number of the generation to which the individual belongs; the numbers in parenthesis following the name are the birth and death years, if determined; the + sign designates the spouse of the person of the same generation immediately above. Although the spelling of many of the surnames may vary, only one spelling is used in this presentation.