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Talespin Links

TaleSpin Online The largest Talespin site out there. Wonderful site!
The Don Karnage Shrine Just what the title says. It's like Don Karnage Heaven.
The Iron Vulture Lots of good clear scans and screen grabs. Just updated.
High Flight & the Tale Spin Archive This site is full of original Talespin fan fiction.
Juan F. Lara's Home Page O'Links Comprehensive list of Disney Afternoon links.
Baloo9's Homepage A very nice tribute to the cast of Talespin, especially Ed Gilbert.
She-Wolf's Talespin Home Page Good character bios, Fun Talespin fan test.
The Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Page A great site dedicated to Kit Cloudkicker.
Pirate Island Nice site with fan art and fan fiction.
Talespin Chat Room A chat room run by Mikester. Java is required to chat.
Talespin: The Web Page Vote for your favorite character and episode.
The Last Horizon Really nice site. A little of everything.
The TaleSpin Sourcepage A nice site with lots of info-get your reading glasses.
Karmacat's homepage Get to know Karmacat. Just as funny as her reviews.
Disneylandfan & Disneyside Stefan's tribute to Disneyland, in German and English

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