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I would like to thank each of the people below for their contribution to this site. Many of the pictures on the merchandise pages were collected before I created this site. If you see a picture that belongs to you please let me know and I will give you credit. I could not have created this site without your help. Thank you, Debbie

For starters I would like to thank Karmacat for her wonderfully funny reviews.
Thank you to  [email protected]  for the picture of The Iron Vulture on the post card page.
My thanks also go to  Kat's Scratching Post  for the picture of Becky & Baloo on the post card page.
For the picture of Kit Cloudkicker on the post card page thank you to  [email protected]
Many thanks to  The Iron Vulture website for the picture of Kit with his airfoil.
And Thank you to  Gregory Weagle for contributing to the list of Talespin items not pictured and the translations.
Thank you to  Jaime "Steward" Chan for so many pictures I don't have space to list them all :).
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