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Soooo, you think you are the best quake player in the world and you could just come to painkeep and be bored killing us little people, OR you think you can't get the hang of it and everybody kicks your BUTT. Well, NOOO you cant just come here and beat our little peoples' butt unless you learn to manage the airfist, and YESSSS you can kick butt too if you learn the basics of quake and painkeep.

I'll assume that you have played quake before, and you should understand the following rules:

Luckily, ALL of the bullet points above can be fixed, so that you, who really SUCK right now, can be a good player in a couple of weeks, and excell in a couple of months. Let us examine:

First, buy yourself a GOOD THREE BUTTON mouse, my preference is the Logitech Trackman, I use the trackball to turn, and that way you dont have to be lifting the mouse to turn, its really distracting to run out of pad, and it's extra movements for your hand too. Trackball should be the way to go.

Second, don't use the joystick, you may become a good player, but guaranteed if you were using keyboard and mouse, you'd be much better.

Third, LEARN how to straffe, it should take you a couple of days to master it.

Fourth, always use MOUSE LOOK, you cant survive against a really good player if you dont master this, should take you less than a week to master it. NO PAIN NO GAIN- Sacrifice now and you'll see the rewards sooner.

Fith and last- Make a config file and practice, or just use the config files on this page. I'll explain below:

An ALIAS, is a set of functions assigned so that your player  performs  specific tasks  in Quake. It is easily written in any word processor and must be saved in your quake\id1 directory, with a .cfg extension, such as painkeep.cfg.  A simple alias for example is one to switch to the axe weapon and attack once, then change weapons back to the shotgun, it is used to open doors that you have to shoot, except the axe does not make a sound and does not give away your position. It is really simple: alias quickopen "impulse 1; wait; +attack; wait; -attack; wait; impulse 2", now that your alias is ready, you would need to BIND to a key, an example would be:  bind "E" quickopen    - This would bind the key "E" to the alias, and everytime you press the E key it would switch to the axe, attack once, then go back to shotgun.

The easiest way to use an alias is to call them through the Autoexec.cfg file in the id1 directory of quake, ill provide you with a simple pkalias.cfg file, with aliases prepared for painkeep, and bindings.cfg, which is a suggestion based on my style of play, you can change the keys bound to the aliases to suit your style. In your autoexec.file, you could just add:
exec pkalias.cfg
exec bindings.cfg
and off you go, always make the LAST line of your .cfg files  be //EOF, the // characters tells the program is not a function,  just a remark and EOF means End Of File. Trust me, just do it.

Just download the files below ( PKalias.cfg and the next one bindings.cfg) and place them in the quake/id1 directory. Then you can either add the lines:    exec painkeep.cfg    and  exec bindings.cfg to the autoexec.cfg file in the id1 directory, as explained above, or bring down the console during the game and type exec painkeep.cfg  and then  exec bindings.cfg.     Notice that the file for downloading is at the end of the page so that YOU read the following technical crap, IT's IMPORTANT.

//Painkeep aliases file
// BUTT KILLER aliases to make me happy :)
//alias to use the "can of beans", which gives you 100 points of life, but makes you fart, then switch to best weapon.
alias fart "impulse 36; wait; +attack; wait; -attack; bestweapon"
//alias to drop a bear trap
alias dropbear "impulse 34; wait; +attack; wait; -attack; bestweapon"
//alias to drop autosentry, used to guard areas, and alert when someone is around.
alias dropsentry  "impulse 35; wait; +attack; wait; -attack; bestweapon"
//Gravity well is best bound to a key without +attack, so you can pick it and carry to the best strategic spot.

//weapons aliases
//best weapon aliases serves to get the best NONEXPLOSIVE weapon that you have, you may alter the order
//any way you see fit. Impulse 32, for those new to painkeep, is the mighty chain lighting gun.
alias bestweapon "impulse 2; wait; impulse 3; wait; impulse 4; wait; impulse 5; wait; impulse 8; wait; impulse 32"
//alias to make the right (third) mouse button fire the rocket launcher once everytime pressed. Well you need
//to bind to mouse2- see bindings.cfg
alias quickrocket "impulse 7; wait; +attack; wait; -attack"
//alias to fire grapple hook- If you dont master the hook- YOU'LL SUCK
alias hook "impulse 22; wait; +attack; wait; -attack"
//alias rocketjump
alias wpnsrj "impulse 7"
alias quicklookdown "cl_pitchspeed 20000; +lookdown; wait; -lookdown; cl_pitchspeed 150"
alias +rocktjmp "wpnsrj; quicklookdown; +attack; +jump"
alias -rocktjmp "wait; -jump; wait; -attack; force_centerview"
//alias airjump to use airfist to jump high- TIP- Keep the button pressed so airfist fires twice or three times
//to jump even higher.
alias wpnsafs "impulse 30"
alias quicklookdown "cl_pitchspeed 20000; +lookdown; wait; -lookdown; cl_pitchspeed 150"
alias +bigjump "wpnsafs; quicklookdown; +attack; +jump"
alias -bigjump "wait; -jump; wait; -attack; force_centerview"


The above aliases will make you a very good player if you can master them. Now to bind them to keys, I play with the arrow keys and the keys around them. I use up and down arrows as forwards and backwards movements, and left and right arrows for left and right STRAFFING.

Below is the bindings.cfg file

//this will bind keys to the pkaliases, and other key movements.
//bind Number pad 0 to rocketjump
bind "INS"  +rocktjmp
//bind ENTER key to airjump
bind "ENTER" +bigjump
//bind the third mouse button to rocketlauncher
bind  "mouse2" quickrocket
//bind the middle button to bestweapon
bind "mouse3" bestweapon
//bind Hook to #1 on numberpad
bind "END" hook
//bind the glorious rocketrepelling airfist to "\" key
bind "\" "impulse 30"
//bind grenade launcher attack to key "/"
bind "/" "impulse 6; wait; +attack; wait; -attack"

//bind the OP[] keys to inventory
//bind O to can of beans
bind "O" fart
//bind P  key to Gravity well- Need to press attack (mouse 1) later to throw the well- and get the hell outa the way
bind "P" "impulse 33"
// bind [ to beartraps
bind "[" dropbear
//bind ] to drop sentries
bind "]" dropsentry

//alternatively you may bind these through the normal options in the quake game
bind "shift" +jump
//straffing keys
bind "leftarrow" "+moveleft"
bind "rightarrow" "+moveright"


//ping tweaks
//set pushlatency to the minus of your average ping, mine is in the mid 100s so I use -150.
pushlatency -150
//rate- over 3000 for cable, ISDN, T1 users, 2000-3000 for modem users. The higher the rate, the higher
//the frames per second, the smoother the play, but your modem may not handle all the information.
//I use 4300 (cable modem). Ill use 3000 here to be safe- DO NOT go over 5000.
rate 3000
//to show your frames per second in a little window to the right of your screen. If <20, you probably experience
//choppy, crappy play.
//NOW YOU SHOULD BE 100% BETTER, or you really suck.

The following should be added as the last lines in your autoexec.cfg file:

exec pkalias.cfg
exec bindings.cfg

Download the CFG files ( pkalias.cfg   and  bindings.cfg):

Go to the Airfist tutorial page


For a  complete painkeep tutorial, as well as all files needed to play painkeep, visit  Subora's painkeep hospital.

Link to Revirus Painkeep maniac page .

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