Gotta love that airfist. I call it the "Equalizer". It balances the game greatly, so that rockets are no longer overpowering. Unlike DOOM, where rockets took a fair amount of time to get to target, giving you time to dodge, Quake Rockets travel very fast, and if someone came at you with a rocket launcher, and you only had the supernailgun, you can kiss yer rear goodbye. In Painkeep, the airfist balances that, you can come with a quaded RL and Ill blow it up yer butt with the airfist. Not a smart thing to fire rockets at airfisted person. That is the great beauty of painkeep, a duel with some other player, you have to blow and listen to which weapon the other guy is using, if he fires rocket you blow, anything else, you quick rocket a couple 'o rounds and blow again, with the only problem being that he'll do the same trick to you, its just painkeep at its best when two good smart players duel. (Secret: I kinda suck at duels, too inpatient).

See airfist repellant in action :
Incoming Rocket     -      Rocket Deflection
Do click on the above pictures, it took me like 100 screenshots to get these. Well LOOK AT THEM DAMMIT!!  :-)

Rules of the airfist:
Quad Blowing get you many kills and hides weapons all over the place. If you Quad Blow, usually means you really SUCK and are getting a few cheap frags. Quad blowing is overpowering and usually frowned  upon by the best players, cause it makes for really boring play.

Strategies of players with honor :-)   use the quad blow sparringly, like one good blow to push someone back and give you time to get that chainlighting gun, rocketlauncher or exploding shell shutgon out and complete the kill. When you are low in life, use it to push people out of the way and make your way fast to find lifepacks or beans, then repeat above seps. The coolest strategy is to quad airjump, look down and quad rocket the poor imbecils struggling under you, its tricky but lots of fun (see below).

Airfist jump- Damm, the best thing ever invented. Get airborn high, look down and shoot rocket at players, arguably the most fun in  painkeep- Those of you that have done it especially in pk16, know what I'm saying. Another use of airfist jumping is to aid in coming out of shallow lava pools.

Weapons that penetrate airfist- Exploding shells, lighting and chainlighting gun. If you don't have any of those, I suggest you dont engage in a duel with anybody until you are better equiped, the regular shotgun shells penetrate airfist, but you have to shoot someone like 1000 times to get a kill. Airfist repells rockets and nails.

One more trick with the airfist- Fire fist once, quickly switch to GRENADE Launcher and fire one grenade, see how far and fast that sucker goes.

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