Laidan and Yehlth's Page

Welcome to the insanity! Right now, Laidan's in weyrlinghood with Yehlth.

Laidan is tall for her age, often feeling a bit too tall as she gets closer and closer to the six foot mark, with an inherited wiryness that has been reinforced with lots of climbing and getting into trouble at a young age. Her sandy-blonde hair changes colors with the seasons, washing blonde in the summer and darker in the winter, while her hazel eyes simply change with the light. Her clothes favor the practical look, often gaining smudges and creases within moments of being donned. Her hair falls about her shoulders most of the time, and her smile has only gotten sunnier. On one of those shoulders is a black and white knot of Telgar, with a blue thread showing just what sort of dragon she belongs to.

Yehlth's technically a blue dragonet, but liberty seems to have been taken with the definition. There's a swirling miasma of color on his left haunch that radiates outward through his body in a subtle array of masterful strokes. At the center of the chaotic swirl is a dark seaweed green, morphing into an angry, stormy grey-blue that seems to demand an answer for some unamed misdemeanor. This grey moves out over his left wing, slowly giving way to a gentle sky blue color that seems almost transparent when he extends his wings. The other wing is a contrast--a deep midnight blue flecked with bursts of the lighter blue of the other wing, almost 'stars' of sorts. His tail is an ever-busy shifting blend of dark blue and aqua. His front haunches, neck, and muzzle seem content with a uniform navy blue, but a 'cap' of sorts sits over one whirling eye and about half his head, of incredibly pale blue.


Laidan visits G'rad, formerly known as Girad.
The first log from Laidan's Candidacy at Telgar.
Candidate's chores and passtimes.
Meet the eggs.
Second meeting of the eggs.
The Hatching, including some of the stuff afterwards.

Other Info

Inspiration for Yehlth's name
As with most of the other dragons in his clutch, Yehlth's name has mythologicial origins. Yehl, from Native American Mythology: The Tlingit creator-god, the bringer of culture as well as trickster. He stole fire and gave it to humankind. Assuming the shape of a large raven, he flew over the primal fog and dissipated it with his wings until the first lands emerged. Afterwards, he created the sun and the moon. -- This name was found at:

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