There are many reasons to train in a martial art.  There is the issue of personal protection.  As Aikidoists, we enjoy the exploration of movements, attitudes, principles, and training procedures which can keep is from harm in times of danger.  We also learn to overcome many obstacles that may stand before us and learn about our ability to act in order to protect life. Aikidiosts train in the art of Aikido to enjoy the nature of our training.

Aikido is meant to create personal and social harmony.  Along with the effectiveness of our techniques, we specially concentrate on developing that harmony in our daily practice.  For this reason, Aikido classes generally have a happy and relaxed atmosphere at all levels of training.

Unlike most martial arts where students train against an opponent, the Aikidiosts trains with a partner.  There is no competition in Aikido.  Instead each partner is considered half of a whole, each having equal responsibility for the learning experience.

Aikido is based on the word “Ki”, which means spirit, energy, and the use of life force.  Aikido uses other forces to the Aikidiosts advantage; Aikido is non-resistant. As it is non-resistant, it is always victorious . . . Aikido is a defense martial art form which was founded by Morihei Ueshiba in Japan. 

“I want considerate people to listen to the voice of Aikido.  It is not for correcting others; it is for correcting your own mind.  This is Aikido.  This is the mission of Aikido and this should be your mission.” –Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido.

Our school would like to welcome you to  Aikido  and hope that you enjoy it as much as we have come to enjoy the art.

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