Founder of the School Organization

Benjamin G. Galarpe, Sr. is the “Kaicho” of the School of Self-Defense.  He began his life of Aikido in Hawaii, 1957 where he was stationed for the US military less than one year after Aikido was introduced in the Asian pacific by Harry S. Ito.  For nearly five years, Benjamin Galarpe was given the chance to earn his black belt in Japan. Upon receiving his belt, and a strong recommendation from Sensei Ito, Galarpe was sent by Japan’s World Aikido Hombu as a representative to propagate Aikido in the Philippines.  There

he introduced Aikido, from which his accomplishmentsinclude the organizations from Aikido Clubs in Cebu, Manila, Quezon City, and Quiapo.  He retuned to Japan in 1965 to receive his Nidan (2nd dan) from the founder of Aikido, Morihei Uyeshiba before his death in 1969.  In 1968, he received his Sandan (3rd dan) under Koichi Tohei.

After five years in the Philippines, Galarpe decided to come back to Guam to establish his home and raise family with his wife, Gloria.  Galarpe continued to practice Aikido and later formulated the presently existing School of Self-Defense-Aikido in Tamuning, Guam.  In 1972, the school was born.  Galarpe worked for the University of Guam’s Police Science Academy to teach Physical Education (Aikido) to students and to officers of the Guam Police Department.

In 1974, he received his Yodan (4th dan) in Japan from Tohei Sensei.  To this day, “School” remains.

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