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News: Batch Tarugo Completes Tambayan Rehabilitation Project
by Pierre San Diego

The former president must be very proud right now.

June "JV Ejercito" Sata and the rest of Batch Tarugo recently completed their last requirement for acceptance as regular members: their batch project.

Last Saturday, the new members of the UP-Materials Science Society built two new benches and repaired the old tambayan table. Pierre, Roli, Emer, Cesar, and Carlo were there to help them. The work started at around 1pm and ended at 6:30 pm at the Yakal Dining Hall tambayan. New members Ryan Paolo "Bu" Buan and Ryan Paulo "Bacu" Baculinao demonstrated their mastery in carpentry and took the leadership roles in the building process. Emer, Pierre and June furnished the materials from a hardware store in Krus Na Ligas. However, the work couldn't have pushed thru if not for Florephine "Suertz" Guiala, who provided the saw, the most important and rarest tool used last Saturday. (cont.)

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Org Life: A Typical Noon at the UP MSS Tambayan
by Jonathan Dela Cruz

A typical noon at the UP MSS tambayan... the place is so peaceful in its natural settng, so quiet you could almost hear the buzz at the neighboring orgs. Almost. It's not that we're interested, though. That's just the way things are. Well, it works both ways. It's so quiet that the slightest remark of Emer or Carlo about one of the chicks in CV_SF or KA_SA s enough to make everyone wonder when MSS would get itself in some inter-org conflict.

Come lunch time, you'd be expecting a lot of people at the tambayan. I always asked why it was bad manners to talk while eating, but since almost everyone loves carioca for lunch, I got my answer. It does make your wonder. Considering there's no signal in teh ariea for Globe Subscribers, you'd be amazed how rumors spread so fast. (cont.)

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  • Mukhang bumalik na sa dating hobby ang isang "senior" member ng org, at mukhang nagpapakasaya siya sa malayong kaharian ng Vuko Feigh sa kanyang bagong karera. Matinik talaga itong si *, mukhang pinag-sabay pa ang dalawa! at take note, teacher pa niya sa * ang isa.
  • may kumakalat na balitang maliit daw ang * ni *. itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Trudis Liit Angstrom Jr. Ang palayaw niya ay Nano. (cont.)

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Featured Research: Dev't of a Windows Based Travel Time and Delay Application Software


Travel time and delay studies are widely used measures of traffic congestion. The floating car technique has been the primary procedure in which travel time and delay are measured. Traditionally, two persons are needed in this technique, one to drive the vehicle and another to record the time to travel between two predetermined points. The distance between the two points is subdivided into segments where each endpoint of the segment is a possible cause of delay. Data such as running time, time consumed by delays, and the reasons for delays are tallied in a data sheet. (cont.)

Log Book Scribbles:

I saw she was holding you so tender
... But I just wanna say I ...

I was walking down the street one day
his eyes were shining I didn't know what to say
Maybe I don't have the blonde hair you like
or maybe I don't have eyes like the sky
but I can show you what ....

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"Pare hirap talaga ako sa Physics, mahina ako sa ANALYZATION" - JV

"I WILL NOT LET ONE BRAINLESS SLUT DESTROY MY FAITH IN THIS (bleep!)ING WORLD!" - anonymous, found in the logbook


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