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FRANCE / fran�aise
and dependancies

France -
The French monarchy was overthrown in the French Revolution of 1789 with the First Republic declared in 1792. The country was occupied by Germany 1940-1944 with the pro-German government at Vichy.

France has 6 overseas departments and 4 overseas territories (- see also: Territories below). Postage stamps have been issued since 1849.

Service National des Timbres-poste et de la Philatalie
Service d'Ingenierie et de Vente des Timbresposte et des Produits Philateliques
111 Boulevard Brune
75675 Paris Cedex 14, France

France French Overseas Territories
Direction de l'Office des postes et t�l�communications
Division Poste et Services financiers
Mlle C�cile Bonnet
Responsable commerciale
�Le Waruna�
2, rue Monchovet
T�l�phone (+687) 26 82 52
T�l�fax (+687) 26 44 70
International Customer Service
- UPU Data

and: email: [email protected]
Service Philatelique de la Poste
18 Rue Francois-Bonvin
75758 Paris Cedex 15, France
- (data from Fabio)

France via CIA Data:
Location: Western Europe, bordering the Bay of Biscay and English Channel, between Belgium and Spain southeast of the UK; bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and Spain

Independence: 486 (unified by Clovis)
Stamp Issuing Dependent areas of France:
(see 'Territories' below)
French Polynesia
French Southern and Antarctic Lands
New Caledonia
Wallis and Futuna
note: the US does not recognize some French claims to Antarctica
Catalogs and Albums

France (& Specialized) - Download Album Pages: - $5 a year for all the countries you can eat!
France to 1996; specialized: Fictifs, GC Paper Varieties, Instruction-Annule/Specimen, Liberation (WWII), Millesimes, Palissy, Parcel Post, Precancels through 1951, Telegraph, Telephone, Timbres de Franchise - Russian Corps, French Offices, Reunion.

AND French: Colonies, Congo, Eq. Africa, Guiana, Guinea, India, Morocco, Polynesia, SAT, Sudan, West Africa.

Free Album Pages? This site is sort of like "shareware" software.

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Also the data has not been updated in a number of years - others are needed to continue this task.

ftp sites for the WPID data:

co-ordinator J. M. Myerson ([email protected].)
or e-mail: [email protected]

France - Introduction sur la collection des oblit�rations
- 'Introduction on the collection of cancellations'
"How to collect cancellations on old stamps done by G. Maggay a french stamp enthusiast this site is full of useful informations upon different types of cancellations on old french stamps. It also provides a general introduction in how to collect cancellations. If you are in postal history go and have a look. You will like it. French and english." (from a review)

"For my part, I have chose to collect cancellations you will find on the traditional stamps of France. France emitted since 1849, date of the first stamp, more than 3,000 different stamps . ...

Fortunately, to approach this type of collection, it is not necessary to have an important budget; however, a good amount of patience is necessary because the stamps with beautiful cancellations are hard to find.

On this site, you will find some consultings to begin your collection than, while surfant, you will discover the principal postal marks and cancellations used. Good wave! " -

email: [email protected]
In French and English; a great site! Features images of every stamp and cancellation of the early period. ; also available on CD-Rom - aj.
Coppoweb - Tousaint Coppolani
Philat�lie, Timbres-poste, Corse et po�sie (FR) - Excellent
from poets to authors to ...
Coppoweb: A Yahoo club (philatelie francaise)
From the founder, Toussaint Coppolani, "Coppoweb vous permetd de dialoguer dans un espace convivial pour echanger vos timbres de France et colonies francaises"

Histoire & Philat�lie (FR)
Artistes - Timbres - La Poste [EN, FR]
French stamp artists from La Poste
Very informative biographies of artists and engravers which have recently worked for the French Post Office. Very useful for the collector of Die (Artist's) Proofs. Listing of engravers such as BEQUET, DURRENS, JUMELET etc. This site is bilingual with your choice of English or French.

The Lost

Thomas Berger's 'French postal history'
This webpage is (or was) dedicated to French postal history and will consist of two parts. The first (and existing) one contains useful informations for everybody interested in French postal history. The Literature section will give you a list of monographs, journals and catalogues while the Links section lists the existing online informations dealing with French postal history. In the Addresses sections you will get all the addresses of auction houses, dealers, experts, societies, and postal museums which are relevant for our hobby. The dates of the stamp shows are given here. The second part (which is under construction) will present you topics I'm interested in. The Questions section will include the possibility to ask the internet community for informations.
from Thomas Berger: [email protected]
the URL was: - now '404' - any help?? has it noved?
was 'Another superb French site - aj.'

J.D. Hayhurst O.B.E. 1919-1986 - Philatelist and Postal Historian
the URL was: - now '404' - any help??
These pages are (were) in memory of my father, John Hayhurst. During his life he was a passionate historian with a particular interest in philately and postal history. A keen francophile, he specialised in French postal history and published a couple of short books, the texts of which are (or were) available below.

  • The Pigeon Post into Paris 1870-1871
    A detailed account of the use of carrier pigeons during the siege of Paris.

    The Pneumatic Post of Paris
    Describes the development of the Parisian Pneumatic Postal System from 1866.

    (facinating - aj :) - at leat it was.

    Postal Authority, Societies, Clubs, Museums


    France - Fed. Int'l Philatelie (FIP) DATA

    F�d�ration Fran�aise des Associations Philat�liques (FFAP)
    47, rue de Maubeuge
    F-75009 Paris, France
    Phone: 0033 1 42 85 50 25
    Fax: 0033 1 44 63 01 39
    (Regionals de FFAP)


    France and Colonies Philatelic Society of Great Britain - affiliated to the ABPS - UNOFFICIAL INFORMATION PAGE - D.R. Stirrups
    All inquiries of a general nature should be addressed to the General Secretary: [email protected]

    The unofficial page of La Poste, "WARNING : this in not an official site of La Poste "; a Magellan 3 Star Site
    The best English guide to La Poste
    e-mail: [email protected]

    France - La Poste - Sommaire - Philatelic postal authority - in French only

    Service Philat�lique de La Poste
    8, rue Fran�ois-Bonvin
    75758 Paris cedex 15 a Poste

    Service Philat�lique de La Poste
    18, rue Fran�ois-Bonvin
    F-75758 Paris cedex 15

    T�l�phone 33 1 40 61 52 00
    T�l�copie 33 1 43 06 24 62 RCS Nanterre B356

    and Fabio says, "See latest issues , stamp programme , product range on sale , subscribe on line to new issues.

    Philatelic bulletins on line.
    Not to miss ! French only."

    Also covers French Andorra, French Guiana and other areas - aj.

    Le Mus�e de La Poste (Official)
    Mus�e de la Poste
    34, bd de Vaugirard 75015 Paris

    Le Mus�e de La Poste (Unofficial)
    Le Mus�e de la Poste est situ� au coeur du quartier Montparnasse,
    34, boulevard de Vaugirard, Paris 15�me
    (pr�s de la gare SNCF de Montparnasse)
    T�l. 33-1-

    Philatelic Museums & Libraries data - France
    with descriptiosn of 9 museums; including addresses...

    Le Webring des Philat�listes - in French;

    Going Postal...

    The Postal Sector in France - Contents - in English
    from: The Secretary of State for Industy - France
    . News
    . News from previous months
    . Regulations and economic situation
    . Philatelic programme
    . Players and representatives
    . Reference documents, publications and studies
    The postal sector covers all activity which relates to the sending of physical messages and individual objects of a weight inferior or equal to 30 kilograms. To be more precise, this includes:
    The preparation of the message or the object to be transported (mail shots, processing of mixed mail, routing...)
    The actual transport of the message or of the object to the addressee (collection, sorting, transport, delivery...)
    The set of connected services (management of address bases, stock control, registered delivery...)

    France's Ministry of postal services, telecommunications and space; English page

    Tarif (rates) from La Poste (FR)
    Postage rates (English) - M. Seitz

    code postal from La Poste
    Postal codes

    Another code locator at La Poste

    Zip Code Finder for USA, Belgium, France

    Les codes postaux des villes francaises - Universit� de Nice (French Postal Codes search)

    Codes Postaux Fran�ais

    PostEurop - France
    Direction des Affaires Europ�ennes et Internationales
    La Poste - Case postale A 801
    92777 Boulogne-Billancourt c�dex

    Mr Edouard Dayan
    Director of European and International Affairs
    Tel: +33.1.41417935
    Fax: +33.1.41417942
    cites EUROPA Stamps <-------------*
    Represented in MB by: Mr Don Jacques Luciani
    Language of correspondence: French
    Web Site:
    email: [email protected] - 2/99


    France has 6 overseas departments:

    Guadeloupe (1884-1947)
    Martinique (1886-1947)
    French Guiana (1886-1947)
    Reunion (1852-1975)
    St. Pierre and Miquelon (1885- )
    Mayotte (1892-1912 )

    The 4 overseas territories:

    New Caledonia (1859- )
    French Polynesia (1892- )
    Wallis and Futuna (1920- )
    French Southern & Antarctic Territories (1955- )
    note: the US does not recognize French claims to portions of the Antarctica.

    Guadeloupe - Download Album Pages: - $5 a year for all the countries you can eat!
    Issued stamps from 1884-1947 - Free Album Pages? This site is sort of like "shareware" software.

    Guadeloupe - CIA Data:
    Overseas department of France. Location: Caribbean, islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea, southeast of Puerto Rico
    Disputes international: none

    GUADELOUPE- Philatelie - from France's La Poste - see: "Infos pratiques" in drop down list box ; go to bottom of that page
    and (they keep changing things ; look under postal authority above) you get: LISTE DES POINTS PHILATELIE
    210 bureaux de poste sp�cialis�s, en France : au moins un par d�partement, au chef-lieu - 210 post office addresses provided:

    Boulevard Hann

    French Guiana - Download Album Pages: - $5 a year for all the countries you can eat!
    Issued stamps from 1886-1947. Free Album Pages? This site is sort of like "shareware" software.

    French Guiana - CIA Data:
    First settled by the French in 1604, French Guiana was the site of notorious penal settlements until 1951. The European Space Agency launches its communication satellites from Kourou.
    An Overseas Department of France. Location: Northern South America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Suriname.

    210 bureaux de poste sp�cialis�s, en France : "au moins un par d�partement, au chef-lieu 210 post office addresses" provided:

    I assume this is Paris, France - aj.

    Martinique - CIA Data:
    (Since) 1635, the island has subsequently remained a French possession except for three brief periods of foreign occupation.
    An Overseas Dept. of France. Location: Caribbean, island in the Caribbean Sea, north of Trinidad and Tobago

    Martinique ; Stamp pages are available
    Martinique issued stamps from 1896-1947. Now uses France's postage. aj.
    Free album pages? - This site is like shareware: all the countries you can eat for $5 (requested; not demanded)

    Mayotte - CIA Data:
    ... ceded to France along with the other Comoros in 1843. It was the only island in the archipelago that voted in 1974 to retain its link with France and forgo independence.
    A Territorial Collectivity of France. Location: Southern Africa, island in the Mozambique Channel, about one-half of the way from northern Madagascar to northern Mozambique
    Disputes Iinternational: claimed by Comoros

    See also: Mayotte

    Reunion ; Stamp pages are available
    Reunion issued stam from 1852-1975. Now uses France's postage. aj.
    Free album pages? - This site is like shareware: all the countries you can eat for $5 (requested; not demanded)

    Reunion - CIA Data:
    ..From the 17th to the 19th centuries, French immigration supplemented by influxes of Africans, Chinese, Malays, and Malabar Indians gave the island its ethnic mix. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 cost the island its importance as a stopover on the East Indies trade route.
    A Overseas Dept. of France. Location: Southern Africa, island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar

    Saint Pierre and Miquelon - data
    These two small groups of islands, Saint Pierre and Miquelon were claimed and settled by the French. A former French Colony, they are now a Department of France. The first postage stamps for Saint Pierre and Miquelon were issued in 1885.

    Bureau Philatelique de L'Archipel
    Box 4323
    F-97500 Saint Pierre
    Saint Pierre and Miquelon

    Saint Pierre and Miquelon - CIA data:
    ...the islands represent the sole remaining vestige of France's once vast North American possessions.
    A Territorial Collectivity of France. Location: Northern North America, islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, south of Newfoundland (Canada)

    See also: S.P.A.M.

    New Caledonia (French dependency)- - data
    French Overseas Territory that includes Loyalty Islands, Isle of Pines, Huon Islands and Chesterfield Islands. Postage stamps have been issued from 1859.

    Service Philatelique Noumea
    98 802 Noumea
    Cedex, New Caledonia

    New Caledonia - CIA data:
    (an overseas territory of France)
    Location: Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Australia

    See also: New Caledonia

    French Polynesia (Tahiti - French dependency) - - data
    Postage stamps have been issued since 1892.

    Centre Philat�lique
    Papeete, Tahiti
    Polyn�sie Fran�aise

    Box 378
    Malverne, NY 11565

    French Polynesia - CIA data:
    Overseas territory of France since 1946. Location: Oceania, archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, about one-half of the way from South America to Australia

    National holiday: National Day, Taking of the Bastille, 14 July (1789)

    See also: French Polynesia (Tahati)

    French Southern and Antarctic Territories (French dependency - former dependencies of Madagascar)
    The French Southern and Antarctic Territories are former dependencies of Madagascar. Postage stamps have been issued for the territory since 1955.

    Agence des Timbres-Poste d'Outre-mer
    85 Avenue de la Bourdonnais
    75343 Paris Cedex 07, France

    French Southern and Antarctic Lands - CIA data:
    A Overseas Territory of France. Location: south of Africa, islands in the southern Indian Ocean, about equidistant between Africa, Antarctica, and Australia.
    note: French Southern and Antarctic Lands includes Ile Amsterdam, Ile Saint-Paul, Iles Crozet, and Iles Kerguelen in the southern Indian Ocean, along with the French-claimed sector of Antarctica, "Adelie Land"; the US does not recognize the French claim to "Adelie Land"

    A overseas territory of France since 1955; administered from Paris by a high commissioner of the Republic

    Population: no indigenous inhabitants note: there were 101 (1997) mostly researchers whose numbers vary from winter (July) to summer (January)

    See also: French Southern & Anarctic Ter.

    Wallis and Futuna (French dependency) - data
    Postage stamps have been issued since 1920.

    Service des Postes et Telecomunications, Section Philatelique
    BP 00, Mata-Utu
    Futuna, Wallis and Futuna Islands

    Wallis and Futuna - CIA Data
    (overseas territory of France)

    Location: Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand

    See also: Wallis & Futurna

    Dealers Specializing in

    Fourcaut Philatel - Jean-Claude (JC) Fourcaut
    55, rue Alphonse Pallu - 78110 LE VESINET
    T�l.: 01 39 76 01 07 - Fax.: 01 39 76 01 87
    Le Webring des Philat�listes
    France & Colonies Stamps - Paul Edney, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    (sales: France, Great Britain & C'wealth)
    'Strong in French Polynesia & St. Pierre et Miquelon'
    downloadable .pdf catalog
    Paul also hosts 'Stamp Yellow Pages' and keeps ''


  • French PO - Beirut, Lebanon 1909-14 ; Ru, Fr, GB: foreign offices (from Linn' Stamp News)
    BEIRUT (1909-14) :
    Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population: 210,000 (1914). The capital of Lebanon. Prior to World War I, a number of European nations maintained their own postal systems in Beirut. The Russian post office used stamps of the Russian Levant overprinted "Beyrouth" after 1909. In January 1905, the French authorities overprinted a contemporary French Offices in Turkey stamp for provisional use in Beirut. In July 1906, a similar provisional was used by the British authorities in Beirut. Both are scarce.

  • France: provisionals - AMIENS (1909) (from Linn's Stamp News)
    A city in northern France. During May 13-19, 1909, local provisionals were issued by the Chamber of Commerce during a strike by postal employees.

    .fr Dealers Directory  - France's Postal Authority  - .fr Clubs
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