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Denmark was part of the Viking kingdoms during the 8th through 10th centuries. The Danish Empire was formed under Canute in the 11th century and joined with Sweden and Norway under Queen Margrethe of Denmark in 1389. Sweden separated from the union in the 16th century, followed by Norway in 1814. Schleswig-Holstein was lost to Germany in 1864 and North Schleswig was returned after a 1920 plebiscite. The country was occupied by Germany during World War II.  Iceland became an independent nation in 1944 while Greenland and the Faroe Islands remain as dependencies (and each issues their own stamps). Postage stamps have been issued since 1851.

Wikipedia notes: "Denmark's postal history begins with an ordinance of 24 December 1624 by King Christian IV, establishing a national postal service . This service consisted of nine main routes, and was to be operated by the mayor of Copenhagen and several guilds. Initially the mail was carried by foot, with riders being used after 1640."

CIA Data: Location: Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, on a peninsula north of Germany, controls Danish Straits (Skagerrak and Kattegat) linking Baltic and North Seas. See separate entries for the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which are part of the Danish realm and self-governing administrative divisions. Independence came in the 10th century, first organized as a unified state; in 1849 became a constitutional monarchy. National holiday: Birthday of the Queen, 16 April (1940)

Post Danmark

Postens Frimaerkecenter
Vesterbrogade 67 
DK-1620 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Fax: +45 44 66 25 75

Post Denmark
Philatelic Dept
Telegrafvej 7
2750 Ballerup

Outside Agent: 
Nordica Inc.
Box 284
Old Bethpage, NY, USA 11804 

Customer Relations Contacts for PostEurop:
Post Denmark
Tietgensgade, 37
1566 Copenhagen V
Mr Troels Thomsen
Head of General Management
Secretariat and International Relations
Tel: +45.33754007
Fax: +45.33754004

Postage Rates by Mark Sietz
Philatelic Museums & Libraries data - Denmark by Sherman (cf.)

The FIP - Federation Internationale de Philatelie member:

Danmarks Filatelist Forbund (cf.)
(Denmark Philatelic Federation)
Sirgræsvej 134
DK-2770 Kastrup
email: >[email protected]
Tlf: 32 50 18 86
Fax: 32 50 18 87

Denmark catalog data was originally availabe to March 1989 from the Philatelic Computing Study Group's World Postal Issues Database (WPID) project. It is in ASCII comma delimited format suitable for importing into a database program. Alternate ftp sites are in Findland (still active c.2000) and Atlanta, GA. (inactive c.2000) (cf.)

An Online sales catalog that "has (had) Photos and Prices for all Danish and Swiss Stamps, all the classic Greek Stamps with all the Hermes (Mercury) heads. The site has a stamp on stamps catalogue including Philatelic Exhibition Stamps and Stamp Souvenir Sheets. A special section has a large number of rare Stamps, Postal History Postcards and Letters from many countries. All prices quoted in US dollars." (never could find a street address - aj)

And, at, is Bo Meyer's site that displays:
The Letterpressed Wavy Line Stamps of Denmark
Letters, postcards and printed matters with Wavy Line Stamps
Identification of the squares by color and type
Strange philatelic objects
Christmas seals
(Includes a cross reference between many catalogs with links to graphics of stamps and watermarks and wavy patterns. Mostly in Danish.)

Toke Nørby

A fine Philatelist!

No reference to Danmark is complete without reference to his wonderful works on postal history matters. This one takes hours to absorb! (the nifty piece of code for the photo - mouse over it - was 'borrowed' from another fine philatelist Halfdan Helgason, Iceland)
  • Here's Mr. Norby's list of Danish On-Line Collectors; 200+ plus links to similar pages of others at bottom. c.2000, 2014.
  • Danish postal history, perfins (hosted in .fi)

    And on a 'link exchange' here is a 'local dealer' in Copenhagen who was originally from The U.S.A:

    "As one of Copenhagen's largest retail shops of quality stamps, thematics, kiloware ... stamp albums, phonecard albums, stockbooks and other supplies for the hobby, we welcome you to our Website. ...Dealer inquiries welcome." - Harvey Rosenblum
    A gentleman - aj.

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