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Characteristics of stamps? ; see Basic Collecting ,...

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My Basic Collecting pages... tips and collecting techniques
sort of replaces the 'original' .. still some good material on the 'original' ...

     - FDC's, Maximum Cards (Maxiphilly), Event Covers

The Guide for the Development of Philately - from The U.P.U.
(WADP), the global philatelic organisation represented by:
The Universal Postal Union (UPU)
The International Federation of Philately (FIP)
The International Federation of Stamp Dealers' Associations (IFSDA)
The International Association of Philatelic Journalists (AIJP)
The International Association of Editors of Postage Stamp Catalogues and Publications (ASCAT)
For the first time, a guide has been written setting forth best practices for the philatelic industry, encompassing all aspects of the business.
The Guide is meant for:
Stakeholders involved in philately,
Ministers and Government officials
Postal Administrations and their Philatelic Directors
Marketing and Communications Specialists Philatelic Federations and Societies
The Philatelic Trade Agents as representatives
Price: 40 Swixx Francs - in the followinglanguages: English, French and German.
Versions in Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian will soon be available.
WADP Secretariat
International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union
Case postale 3000 BERNE 15
Tel: +41 31 350 31 11/32 15
Fax: +41 31 350 31 10

'Philatelic' Stamps (or Name Those Stamps) by Mike Mills @
There are certain stamps and certain countries that raise eyebrows among stamp collectors. ...
The practice started in earnest during the Cold War. Soviet bloc countries in Eastern Europe openly used their stamp issues to promote Communism in the West in the same way the USA promoted it's heritage on their stamps.
Somewhere along the way, the Iron Curtain philatelic bureaus found that they could become little capitalists by selling these new issues to stamp collectors around the world, and in no time at all the Warsaw Pact countries were churning out hundreds of issues a year for export. ...

Thunderbird Stamp Specialties - Hard-to-get Philatelic Treasures
Airmail Etiquettes, Australia '99, Canadian Tire Money Covers, CAPEX, Christmas Island Covers on Dec. 25th, FDC's, Holocaust, Lunar Chinese New Years, Philatelic Bureau Covers, Philatelic Merchandise, Police/RCMP, Postal Stationery, Postcards, Princess Diana, Signed OFDC's (Official First Day Covers), Signed Souvenir Sheets (S/S), Signed Stamp Booklets, Signed Stamp Full Sheets, Winnie the Pooh, WWF/Tigers and many, many MORE.
5325 Sheridan Drive, PO Box 1160
Williamsville, NY 14231-1160 USA

Cover Collectors Circuit Club - APS Affiliate #215
Need more information? Contact:
Renate Thompson, OM "FII" 83485
241 Beachers Brook Lane
Cary NC 27511 - USA

Scout Covers and Cachets (fdc)

Junk Mail From The Edge : a one page exhibit by Tom Fortunato
I have a few example of FDC's on this order - aj.

The American First Day Cover Society
Information about the AFDCS may be obtained from the AFDCS Central Office, P. O. Box 65960, Tucson, Arizona 85728. E-mail to Compuserve 72531,1414; on the Internet at or America Online - AFDCS. (no website?)

American First Day Cover Society - Claude C. Ries Chapter #48
the link.. to a Chapter.

Association of Great Britain First Day Cover Collectors (GBFDC)

The Eclectic Company ; FDC creations by Callen Harty
"This is the University of Wisconsin postal card released on February 5 in Madison, WI. The cachet is from a photograph that I took of Bascom Hall, the building at the top of the hill in the old-style lithograph on the postal card. It is the first of a number of Eclectic Company original photograph First Day Covers. For more information, send an e-mail to the address at the bottom of this page." (I was able to get one of his first issues and he gives 1st class service! aj.)

The April 1, 1965 U.S. Crusade Against Cancer Stamp - A FDC Collection - by Mike Smith
Be sure to visit his other website which features: Breast Cancer Research Semipostal FDC Collection at:

The July 1998 Breast Cancer Research SemiPostal FDC Collection of Mike Smith (of the American Cancer Society)

7-1-71 U.S. First Day Covers
Roy E. Mooney dba
REM Catalog
P. O. Box 2539, Dept. J
Cleveland, GA
U.S.A 30528-0045
Phone [&Fax] 706- 348-8473 or 706-219-4993
AFDCS #13184
American Philatelic Society APS #7578-051818
I buy, sell, or trade 7-1-71 first day covers in any quantity.

Heidi's First Day Cover Swap (Heidi Nick - United States)
Thanks for visiting my web page. This is a photo of
my front porch. My other hobby is making quilts.
Listed below are US First Day Covers I have.
Envelope sizes vary. All are addressed to myself. I
will update this page as I get more.
I have duplicates of these First Day Covers and
would like to swap for First Day Covers from
other countries. I have a special interest in stamps
or First Day Covers relating to infants/children
issues, but am not limited to those.

Joe Frasketi's Space Covers - Personal Information (FDC info)
"I issue my FDCs and commemorative event covers under a few different names such as FMF cachets, JJF cachets, and FMF local post. ...

JJF's Philatelic Links - First Day Covers

First Day Covers.Net ; makes 'em

Hobby Link First Day Cover Service

Barry & Jean Southard's Homespun Cachets
PO Box 49376
Algood, TN 38506

1st Day Covers - from Martin Gellert ; Original 4 color limited Edition covers. (100 only)

Hobby Link First Day Cover Service

James T. McCusker, Inc.- FDC Auctions ..

Stamp Professor's Stamp Posters w/First Day Cancels

Stamp Professor's First Day Ceremony Programs

Heidi's First Day Cover Swap (Heidi Nick - United States)
I .. would like to swap for First Day Covers from other countries. I have a special interest in stamps or First Day Covers relating to infants/children issues, but am not limited to those.

Postal Commemorative Society (The Danbuy Mint) VIA World Exonumia directory
The Danbury Mint / Postal Commemorative Society
47 Richards Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06857
(203) 838-6600 (Postal Commemorative Society)
(203) 852-0819 (Danbury Mint)
(203) 853-2000
(203) 853-6690 (FAX)
The manufactiring list:
A comprehensive site list for collectors of and persons wishing to order custom tokens, medals, buttons, badges, ribbons and other small collectibles. This page has COMMERCIAL EXONUMIA MANUFACTURING SITES ONLY. Check our other LINKS to Exonumia: Tokens, Medals, and other sites. This does NOT include national mints that only produce coinage.

Scott/Mellone First Day Cover Catalogue and Checklist from FDC Publishing Co.
I'd have an Amazon. link but it's usually 'Special Order' ..

2000 U.S. First Day Cover Catalogue & Checklist (Scott/Mallone U S First Day Cover Catalogue & Checklist) at
Out of stock 8/3/00
by Michael A. Mellone. Paperback (November 1999)

To my real First Day Cover Page
A great deal more is on this link.. ;)

Event Covers (postal? history)

This would encompass things like 'Gerorge Washington Slept Here'... (I have one) or the field of AirMail covers..

Autographed Event Covers from HobbyLink

Gateway Stamp Company - America's Largest Supplier of Personally Autographed Commemorative Envelopes
P.O. BOX D FLORISSANT, MO 63031-0040 USA PHONE# 314-838-7549 FAX# 314-838-4106 E-MAIL w/link to autograph webring

Maximum Cards at Maximaphily 's Home Page ; a good basic talk

Maximaphily Yahoo Club
Maximums are postcards witha stamp placed on the picture side and are oftern FDC's as well ... - aj.

Maximaphily Group of Israel

Maximaphily, maximum cards collection

Lucian's Home Page - Maximaphily and Cartophily

Locals, Fantasys, Cinderellas, Fakes


Stamp Yellow Pages - Local Posts of the World - A GREAT WORK!! aj.
There are many types of local posts and cinderella stamps. Here is an attempt to clarify them. (from Locals Posts to Cinderellas to the bogus..)

United States Scout Local Post Issues
"Local post offices were once considered illegal in the U.S. because they competed with the United States Post Office. But in 1952 Herman Herst of Scrub Oak, New York discovered a loophole in the private express status. ...

Modern Freight Stamps of Faroe
Freight stamps were used as a "receipt" for parcel post shipments made by boats employing domestic boat routes controlled by the Faroese Government. It is possible that freight stamps were used prior to 1961, but these have remained the property of the shipping company. When first used, the stamps were canceled with straight-line name-cancels of the ship being used for transport, but later the cancellation was applied using a colored marker. After 1970, cancellations seem to have been left out completely. When first issued, freight stamps came in three different versions, each version bearing the name of the ship for which the stamp was to be used (Másin, Smiril, Ritan). However, since the stamps were used on all ships, authorities deleted the name of the ship beginning with the 1973 issue. Except for the emergency issues produced in 1965, the freight stamps were produced in rolls...

Sarah's 'carrier and locals' links

Faroe Islands' Christmas Seals (1994)

A Cinderella Primer - by Bonnie and Roger Riga
This is an ongoing work and will be updated monthly. Each chapter was first published as a monthly column in Stamp Collector and has been reedited for online presentation. As time permits we will add illustrations and other improvements.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Sorting through the leftovers can make sense
Chapter 2 - Tiny posters popular collectibles
Chapter 3 - Banana label collectors were on target

Cinderellas : Postage Stamp Wannabes - preface to an exhibit - :
the professor strikes again.. ;)

Cinderella Scout Labels
... labels issued to honor the Scouting Movement. "Cinderellas" is the nickname given to the stepchildren of stamp collecting, all those stamps and things that no one can find in Scott's catalog, and that no one knows what to do with.
The British coined the word to describe "labels that are not issued by a federal government for the purpose of paying postage." Many of these are privately printed or overprinted stamps by dealers, so they never had any postal value or use. However, the images are often very colorful. This is another exciting area of collecting for Scouts on Stamps!
(offers a link:) Cinderella Scout Issues - Details on Issues (and more- aj.)

Samuel J. Pezzillo - Professor of Classics
The good professor offers the following links at the bottom of his home page:
Aerophilately and Postal History Interests:
--AAMS Awards
--AAMS Membership Application
--On-line version of the AAMS's Collecting Airmail
--Postal History Puzzler --- Solve the Puzzle
--Cinderellas, Labels, and other non-postal items (above)

Anton Haddeman's Virtual Album of QSL Stamps (Cinderellas)
"Radio amateurs from all over the world exchange their QSL cards to confirm their radio contacts. To cut costs, they set up some sort of postal service. QSL cards are not sent by direct mail, but they are collected by local QSL managers, who sort them by country, and bring them to the regional or national QSL manager. Here, the QSL cards are collected to be sent in bulk mail to other regional and national QSL managers, and vice versa.
This service is mostly free for all radio club members. To avoid the risk of receiving loads of cards, many clubs used to send their members a limited amount of QSL stamps each year, and sell extra stamps at a given (low) price.
These stamps had to be on the QSL cards that were collected by the local QSL manager (note: there used to be other systems, but this was a very common one).
The QSL service still exists, but the QSL stamps are, as far as I know, no longer issued. ...

Lighthouse Cinderellas (from The Lighthouse Society)
loads of images: Charity Seals, Commercial and Philatelic Labels ...

Image Nostalgia - Poster Stamps - Topical Meter Stamps - Christmas and Red Cross Seals
Poster Stamps:
A New, Different & Exciting Hobby Over 100 Years (boy that's new - aj.) Old.
You've come to THE place to obtain the world's Poster Stamps, colorful, delightful miniature pieces of history. With many of them designed by some of the world's most famous artists of their times, they trace the development of national and world events in the first half of the 20th century.
Topical Meter Slogan Stamps:
The perfect complement to any topically-related collection... from stamps to ephemera. Image Nostalgia offers the world's largest stock of meter stamps---a categorized into topics ranging from animals and cartoon characters to automobiles and the Olympics.

Clubs & Societies

From: The Cinderella Philatelist - a quarterly journal of The Cinderella Stamp Club
From the Publisher:
"In a delightful correspondence from Mr. Williams, he informs me that although the population of Lundy may swell with the 'day trippers ... who brave the sea crossing', its lonely official population is but 12 souls. He also tells me that there is a Lundy Stamp Collectors' Society. (*) Readers are invited to visit "The Ephemera of Philatelic Fiction" on this website for other philatelic fiction
Membership in The Cinderella Stamp Club, which includes the lively and nicely produced quarterly journal, is annual (Jan/Dec) and is14 (+5 airmail postage outside of Europe), Details of membership, as well as subscription requests, should be directed to:
P. F. Rogers, Secretary
31 Springfield Road
Bury St. Edmonds
Suffolk IP33 3AR UK

Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society
(Alt. URL:
If you have any questions regarding the Society, or its newsletter, please contact Betsy & Chuck Berry or Florence Wright, Secretary/Treasurer of the Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society.

Betsy & Chuck Berry
PO Box 8134, State College, PA 16803
814-234-3737 (phone or fax)

Mrs. Florence H. Wright
PO Box 18615, Rochester, NY 14618-18615, USA

old: '404' c.2011

Christmas Philatelic Club ; especially see members list
Christmas Philatelic Club at:
312 Northwood Drive, Lexington, KY 40505-2104 USA

U.S., CA; San Diego: University City Stamp Club & Christmas Seals Club
'404' c.2011

For an "..emormous inventory of US and Worldwide Christmas Seals..": John Denune's Christmas Seals

There are actually 2 John Denune's. John Sr. began seriously collecting Christmas Seals in 1969. John Jr. is the author of our printed pricelists and website. In 1981 we began our business and are open by appointment. We both serve in The Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society, a non-profit organization established by seal collectors in 1931 and an American Philatelic Society affiliate (#101). Since 1982 John Sr has been CS&CSS Catalog Chairman, distributing their literature. John Jr. is the editor of Green's Catalog, part one, US National Christmas Seals, which won an APS Vermeil Literature Award in 1997, and 2008. John, Jr. is also edits another CS&CSS title, The Christmas Seal Catalog, a simplified version of Green's part 1.
Telephone: 740-587-0276
Postal address: 234 E. Broadway, Granville, OH 43023
Electronic mail: Sales:

NY, : Image Nostalgia - (914) 471-4179 ,
------ Poster Stamps - Topical Meter Stamps - Christmas and Red Cross Seals
On a " 'click here' to learn" link:
(old: ; now a Japanese concern..)

"In my article on poster stamps, I talked about what a poster stamp is. Most of us find it difficult to collect without interaction with other collectors, both for the sharing of information and the psychological need to know we are not alone in our "madness".

With that in mind, I mentioned the two main societies in the U.S. for those interested in poster stamps:

The Poster Stamp Society (url added c.2011),
c/o Walter Schmidt,
3654 Applegate Rd.,
Jacksonville, OR 97530,
With a specific focus on poster stamps, and the only such society I know of anywhere.

The Ephemera Society of America.
c/o Bradley Calvert,
P.O. Box 95,
Cazenovia, NY 13035,
is a more general society for collectors of all paper ephemera, not just poster stamps and Cinderellas. However, many of its members, especially the newer ones, list poster stamps as one of their collecting interests.
There are, of course, overseas societies. In England, there is The Cinderella Stamp Club whose members collect all items that look like postage stamps, including poster stamps. Write for information to
R.F. Rogers,
56 Conyers Way,
Great Barton,
Bury St. Edmunds,
Suffolk IP31 2SW England.
In France, L'Arc en Ciel is an organization for collectors of non-postal vignettes, similar in breadth of interest to CSC in England. Its secretary is
Jean-Claude Huteau,
2 allee Beaugency,
01000 Bourg en Bresse, France.
in English: (David passed away in 2006 but some of his expertise is preserved here - aj)

Lastly, in Australia is The Cinderella Stamp Club of Australia whose members, naturally, have strong interest in material from "down under." Write to the Club at
P.O. Box 889,
Chatswood, N.S.W.
2057, Australia.
If there are societies I've missed, please email me and I'll post it here.
Erinophilie International. The German poster stamp society. Write to:
Ludwig Reiss Kolmsdorfer
Haupstrasse 13/15
D-96194, Walsdorf-Kolmsdorf, Germany.
Having joined any or all of these organizations, you have the beginnings of a wonderful network of fellow collectors. To my knowledge, none of these societies yet has a website.
You can email Walter Schmidt of The Poster Stamp Society at
In my next column, I'll begin talking about the literature of poster stamps. So register and I'll let you know when it's posted.

Other/More Cinderella Dealers

Rigastamps - The Source for Alternative Philately - from Bonnie and Roger Riga (Fantasy et al stamps)
By alternative philately we mean almost any stamps or collateral material other than regular postage stamps. Cinderellas, antique advertising poster stamps, revenue or tax stamps, fantasies born out of an artist's dream or a con-man's scheme are just a few examples.
"What are cinderellas, anyway?" You remember the fairy tale about Cinderella, the stepchild that everyone pushed aside. Well "cinderellas" is the nickname given to the stepchildren of stamp collecting, all those stamps and things that no one can find in Scott's catalog, and that no one knows what to do with. As to what to do with them, that part's easy, collect 'em or sell them to us. We've spent quite a few years bringing cinderellas to philately's ball and guess what some folks are discovering ? What one collector thought was junk is just the specialty item that another collector has been hunting for years. Does all this sound familiar ? Simply put, if it looks like a stamp, or feels like a stamp and it's not listed in Scott's catalog then it's probably a cinderella. We probably deal in it,and you're likely to find it in our stock at a show or on sale through this website. This includes but is not limited to:
REVENUE STAMPS - Foreign tax stamps of every description and purpose, off and on document; (and returning soon) U.S. taxpaids and state revenues.
POSTER STAMPS - Classic antique advertising, expositions and fairs, philatelic souvenirs and many thematic areas such as Olympics, political campaigns, and World Wars I & II.
LOCAL POSTS - Hurt and Willams listed classics, German Stadtposts, Russian Zemstvos, Swiss Hotel Posts, Lundy Island, Rattlesnake Island, British Postal Strike, and post-WW2 DP Camp Posts.
CHARITY STAMPS - TB/ Christmas seals and collateral material, Red Cross stamps, Jewish National Fund seals and other Judaica, Spanish Civil War and other charities.
SPECIAL PURPOSE - Railway parcel stamps, telegraph stamps, semi-official airmails, rocket mail, ration stamps, test stamps, air mail etiquettes, and other postal ephemera.
FANTASTES - Melville phantoms, governments in exile, artistamps, and razorblade rarities.
BAGGAGE LABELS - Air, rail, ship and hotel.
POSTAL POTPOURRI - Imperfs, proofs, specimens, essays, facsimiles, forgeries and a wide variety of specialized material often listed only in foreign catalogs.
Roger & Bonnie Riga
- Members: APS, ARA
P.O. Box 326
Eaton, OH 45320-0326
Phone: 1-937-456-3329

Betsy & Chuck's Christmas Seals & Stamps for Collectors

LIVE EMAILL LINK: Connecticut Cinderellas NAPEX dealer

John B. Denune, Jr., CPC #807 ; home page ; xmas seals dealer

Douglas K. Lehmann, CPC #742 Christmas Test Seal Covers

Bogus, Fake and Forged

Scout Stamp Fakes & Forgeries

A Simple Guide To Detecting and Understanding Regummed, Reperforated, Altered, and Faked Stamps - Book Review (recommended - aj)
'Now learn how to easily detect Regummed, Reperforated, Repaired, (cf.1)(cf.2)
and many other types of Altered Stamps including Faked Stamps--and many of these methods can be applied to detect fake, reperforated, and even regummed stamps just from the scanned images on the Internet. This book gives you simple techniques for detection that require only a minimum of tools--inexpensive tools that you probably already own. ... In addition, learn about the legitimate role of restoration in Philately-what the difference is between true restoration and fraudulent alteration, how each is done, and how to tell the difference so that you don't get cheated.'
- 8 1/2 x 11, 150 Pages, Spiral Bound for Easy Use - copyright 1999
Chapters Include:
- Preface to the Organized Crime
of Philately
- The Michael Milken of Philately: Marc Russo
- Philately's "Mobster": The Joe Puleo Story
- Puleo: The Brooklyn Years
- Puleo: Escape to Florida
- Puleo: C. L. Drysdale III
- Puleo: The Stamper
- Puleo: Sports Card Warehouse
- Puleo: Recent Years
- Puleo: One Very Unlucky Collector
- Fraud at the Foundation:
- The Philatelic Foundation's Stormy Years
- Pacific Paradise: Behind the Scenes of the Investigation of Pacific Stamp Sales
- Trouble on Both Fronts:
The Tribulations of Steve Ivy
- Fraud at the Philatelic Window:
How the PNC Market was Manipulated
- Catch Me If You Can: Slippery Philip Aster and How He Got Away With It
- Cyber-Detecting: Protecting Yourself on the Internet
- Back Room Bidding at Philatelic Auctions
- The Most Dangerous Topical:
- Whom Can You TRUST
- Introduction to An Easy Guide to Regummed, Altered and Faked Stamps
- Detecting Repaired Stamps
- Detecting Regummed Stamps
- Detecting Reperforated Stamps
- Detecting Removed Cancellations
- Detecting Removed Pen Cancellations
- Detecting Fake Coils, Line Pairs, and Similar Frauds
- Detecting Fake Inverts
- Detecting Fake Grills
- Detecting Stamps Made from Proofs and Essays
- Detecting Fake Blue Paper and Other Coloured Paper Issues
- Detecting Fake Kans. and Nebr. and other Overprints
- Detecting Computer Generation Fake Overprints
- Detecting Fake Watermarks
- Detecting Fakes Made From Stamps on Stamps
- Detecting "Problem" Expertizing Certificates
- And, Much, Much, More

Ye Meng's list of Bogus and Fake issues (includes Cinderellas/Locals)

Fantasy Stamps ; digital and paper


First Issue Reserved Edition (F.I.R.E.)

Cinderellas -- A collection of fictitious U.S. Postage stamps "F.I.R.E.'s stamps are so close to the real thing that at first you don't notice any difference..." David Bonetti (San Francisco Examiner Art Critic, June 14,1994) -
old : , email:

'Friendly Fire' (#2)
Shooting in New York Subway - NYPD officer fired five rounds at an undercover transit officer in 1994 while off duty and waiting for a train.- Issued in August, 1994

IDAC - International Directory of Artistamp Creators
(Fantasy Stamps) - Edited by Jas. W. Felter [aka POSTES MRAUR]
A few graphics (4 or 5; see the gallery link there or below) but good reading - aj.
From: the Jas Cyberspace Museum
The 'Forward' starts, "The publishing of this 2nd Edition of the International Directory of Artistamp Creators marks the 20th anniversary of Artistamp exhibition activity. Much has happened since that first public exposure to this contemporary art medium at Simon Fraser University in 1974. ..
"..recent activity has also produced several lasting documents specific to Artistamps. Banana Productions published the Artistamp Collector's Album in 1990 and started publishing and distributing ARTISTAMP NEWS in 1991. A full-colour catalogue of Jean-Noel Laszlo's Artistamp collection was published under the title 'timbres d'artistes' for the 1993 exhibition at the Musee de La Poste in Paris and the PMTTTD Corporation's The Standard Artist Stamp Catalogue, edited by Dominique, the Bugmaster General is now in its 4th Edition."
On Site Pages include:
- Artists
- Producers
- Exhibitions
- Collections
- Artist's Posts & AKA's
- Artists' Organizations & Groups
Published by: FIVE/CINQ Unlimited
2707 Rosebery Avenue
West Vancouver, BC V7V 3A3, CANADA
ISBN 0-9697355-0-3

Artistamp Gallery - selected works

Martin M. Horvat - HRVATSKA NAJMANJI POSTA 17å, 1993
old: '404' c.2011

J. Alyce - Empire of Ladd

Harley - VIVA LA CUBA, 1995

Cati Laporte (aka F.I.R.E.) - GUNS FOR TOYS (1996)
(see above also for a link to more on F.I.R.E.)

Steve Smith - SNAIL MAIL, 1996

Michael Thompson - FORD'S THEATRE, 1996

Michael Hernandez de Luna - PROZAC, 1996


Alexander Kholopov & Natalie Lamanova

Donald Evans' Fantasy Stamps exhibited
Beautiful. (old:

JCM's International Collection of Artistamps
Main page to the gallery with dozens of images! - aj.
Here you can identify your weird stamps...
Stefano Adinolfi & Casper Boks (1997-2001)

Philatelic Mysteries
Your unidentified philatelic items can be displayed here. Make two scans, one in low resolution, about 100 lines/inch or less, and one in higher resolution 200 to 400 lines/per inch depending on the size of the item. Limit file sizes to not more than 2Ok and 100k respectively. Save images in gif or jpeg format. Provide any relevent information that will complement the image such as paper type, gum type, perf size, image size..
Send to
a service of the Thames Stamp Club, CT, USA - aj.
old: '404' c.2011


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How To Sell On Ebay and Other On-Line Auctions
Journey into the world of online auctions and explore the most detailed Internet marketing book to date! by Annette E Graf

The Transports by G.H. Davis
Editorial Review
The publisher, David Lee, BIA Exec. Sec. , September 3, 1999 : A thorough study of the U.S. airmail stamp issue of 1941-44, Sc. #C25-31, discussing historical context, stamp design and development, plate and die details, quantities issued, first day of issue information, data on stamp usage, routes and rates. Well illustrated with over 200 cover and stamp photos. (Mass Market Paperback - 231 pages - August 20, 1999)

Sanabria North American Airmail Catalog
by Stephen R. Datz, Richard, Sine - Paperback - 120 pages (October 1, 1996)

U.S. Airmail Stamps
Hardcover Miniature edition (October 1996) $3 to $4 (on sale Aug. 2000)

The Duck Stamp Story
- : Art, Conservation, History
: Detailed Information on the Value and Rarity of Every Federal Duck Stamp by Eric Jay Dolin, Bob Dumaine (Paperback - March 2000)

The Duck Stamp Story
by Eric Jay Dolin, Bob Dumaine. Hardcover (April 2000)

The Canadian revenue stamp catalogue (1994) by E. S. J. Van Dam
Complete reference & pricing on Canadian revenues,ducks, etc 100 page full colour catalogue listing and pricing all known Canada & Provinces revenues, Telephone & Telegraph Franks, Duck, Hunting & Wildlife conservation stamps. This is the most complete and up to date catalogue used by all Canadian revenue collectors, stamp dealers and auctioneers.

The 1999 Comprehensive Catalogue of United States Stamp Booklets : Postage and Airmail
by Robert Furman; Paperback (January 1999)

The International Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Philatelics
(Serial) by R. Scott Carlton (Hardcover - June 1997)

How to Detect Damaged, Altered and Repaired Stamps
by Paul W. Schmid - Paperback - 105 pages (September 1996)

The Wild Side : Philatelic Mischief, Murder & Intrigue
by Stephen R. Datz. Paperback (October 1990) usually about $10

All About Stamps : An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Philatelic Terms
by Wayne L. Youngblood. Paperback (September 2000)

Titanic: A Postal Collection
from IGPA


Baltic States Revenues
by J. Barefoot - Special Order 4-6 wks: Published 1998 J. Barefoot Ltd - Paperback

Airmail Stationery Used by and for POWs and Internees by Gustav Pohlig, Neil M Russell
Special Order : (2000) Paperback

Jusqu'a Airmail Markings by Ian McQueen
Special Order; Spiral-bound

British Commonwealth Revenues - J. Barefoot
Published 2000 - 240 pages - J. Barefoot Ltd Paperback - Special Order

Aerogrammes, Airmail Letter Cards, Air Letters - Paul R Adby
Special Order; 4-6 wks : Spiral-bound (October 1997) from QB Software

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