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  • Technology - See: Topicals : Technology
  • T-Rex - See: 'Tyrannosaurus rex' below
  • Textiles, Embroidery-Stitchery- (unofficial unit of the ATA)
    Catatex Stamps - Derry Whyte, @ - (Stamps with a Textile Theme)
  • Third Reich Stamps Group - Jim Kellogg [PWO], .AU
    Cite: Newsgroups
  • Tin Can Mail Study Circle, Tonga and - Janet (Tonga Jan) Kling, Florida, USA
  • Toads (& Frogs)
    Cite: Topicals : Fauna : Marine    
  • Topical Collecting (Category) : Menu
    See Also: Index Entry : Motive
  • Topical and/or Thematic Societies - See Also : Topicals : Introductions
    Other national bodies:
    >Aihefilatelistit Ry (AFRY) (Finnish Thematic Soc.) [FI, EN], .fi
    www.to.icl.fi/~majander/afryeng.html; old URL; 11/1
    >Association of Thematic Stamp Collectors
    Orrevagen , S-43243 Varberg, Sweden
    >French Topical Philately Association (AFPT) - Louis Collinet, .fr
    >cf: Association Fran�aise de Philat�lie Th�matique (A.F.P.T.)
    (French Association of Topical Philately)
    41 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau - F.92150 Suresnes, France
  • >Club Thematique Croix Rouge
      1 Chemin des 2 Neuphle, 78640 Neufle Le Chateau, France
    > Centro Italiano di Filatelia Tematica (CIFT)
    via Tavarti 8, I - 50134 Firenze, Italy
    > Asociaci�n Filat�lica Tem�tica Argentina
    C.C.3130 - C.P.:1000 - Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina
    > Sociedad Peruana de Filatelia Temática (SPFT), .PE
    (Peruvian Society of Thematic Philately)
    alt ver.: members.tripod.com/~spft/SPFT.htm
    See Also:
    >Topical Meter Stamps, by Arthur H.Groten (ATA)
    Cite: Specialized Collecting : e-Postage/Meter Stamps
    >Tidewater Intl. Topics Society
      5113 Greenbrook Dr., Portsmouth, VA 23703, USA
    >Thematic Association of Israel, The
      PO Box 62029, Tel Aviv 61620, Israel
    >Thematic Association of New Zealand
      10 The Anchorage, Whitby, Wellington, New Zealand
    >Thematic Society of Australia
      PO Box 17, Oatlands, NSW 2117, Australia
    > Themabelga�: The Magazine (Thematic Philately)
    - Yannick Delaey and Jacques A. Desimpelaere
    - Schellebroekstraat 13, B-8550 Zwevegem, Belgium
    >Index of Philatelic Societies, Clubs ...
    >Thematic Club of Southern Africa
      PO Box 146, Capetown 8000, Republic of South Africa
    > Themaphilex
    >Topical and Specialty Organizations Search Engine (AskPhil)
    Cite: Topicals : Introductins
    >Topical Mailing List, The
    Cite: Topicals : Introductins
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resources : Newsgroups : Mailing Lists
  • Tortoise - See: 'Turtle' below  
  • Traders (or Trading) Communities
    >Stamp Traders List (STL)
    Cite: Gen. Links: Resources
    >Dupke's Stamps - D. Uitterdijk, .NL
    Cite: Gen. Links : Rsources
    Ref.: Basic Collecting : classified ads, traders forum
    > Collecting Allies (Database driven exchange community)
    Cite: HomePage/'Table of Contents'
    > Fido Stamp Society (Stamp trading ring) .UK
    > Stamp2.com (Resources, news, sales)
    Operated by Rarities Int'l, .sg
    (Formerly the work of Frances Chan)
    Including a ICQ Contact List for chat, an Exchange Forum, Exhange Links, Classifide Ads ...
    >StampCircuit Club [SCC] (web hosting: traders; free, dealers, auction houses)
    operated by VSIS Software Solutions Ltd., .il  
    > 'Swap Stamps With Other Collectors' - Jr. Philatelists On The Internet (JPOTI)
    > World Wide Stamp Exchange Club, The - Michael Drolet
    "Find collectors around the world.." 11/1  
    > Philatex ; new 5/2
    'swap stamps and phonecards'  
  • Transports/Transportation
    See Also:  
  • Trains - See: Topicals : Transportation : By Rail
    See Also:
    > Trains & Railways History - Marcello Porro
    > Trains of Europe - Gert van der Pijl, .NL
    > Trains on Stamps [JP]
    > Train Stamps - M. Kominami, .JP
    > Stamps of Trains- Jorge Biera, .ES
    >Index Entry: Rail ..
  • Trees on Stamps - K. Nakagawa
  • Triangle Stamps - Ren� Gerritsen, .NL
  • Turtles and Tortoises, A Worldwide List of - Donald Riemer, .us
    and more ... - Cite : Topicals : Fauna
  • Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex), The Completely Philatelic - (Exhibit) - Fran Adams
    Cite: Topicals : Fauna : Dinosaurs

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