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  • Rabbits Stamps, Year of - CyberFem Barbie
  • Radiology, A Philatelic History of  
  • Rail or Railway Philately
    - See : Topical Dir. : Transportaion : By Rail
    >See Also:
  • The Rail Philatelist - (sales: Trains) .us-CO 80936
      »Features exhibit: Rail Philatelist's Survey of Rail Philately, .US
  • Postal History of the First Transcontinental Railroad - Bruce C. Cooper, .US
  • Railway Philatelic Group
    5 Garth Lane, Widdrington, Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 5EN, UK
  • Casey Jones Rail Road Unit (x) ATA - Webmaster: Horst Brix - @, Germany
    Weikersthal Str. 16, D-72160, Horb-Nordstetten (c.2010)
    old: Oliver Atchison, P.O. Box 31631, San Francisco, CA 94131-0631, USA
    "Oliver Atchison, who was CJRRU treasurer, membership director, and Editor of The Dispatcher for 18 years until his death in January, 2002, bequeathed his extensive library of books about trains to the Western Philatelic Library at 1500 Partridge Avenue, Building 6, Room 6, Sunnyvale, California, 94087 USA
  • Internationale Motivgruppe Eisenbahnwesen, Germany
  • European Railway Stamps - Dr. Gert J. van der Pijl RE
  • Belgian Railway Stamps - Frank Van Geirt, .BE
  • British Railway Postcard Collector's Circle
    > 28 Birch Road, Burghfield Common, READING, Berks. RG7 3LX, UK
  • Dutch Railway Stamps - Hans Vink (aka 'Fink'), .NL
  • Dutch Railway on Stamps - Jan Langenberg, .NL
  • Finnish Railway Stamps - Kari Paananen, .FI
  • French Railroad Postmarks - Alain Bonnevie, .FR
  • German Railway Stamps - von Manfred Kopka, .DE
  • Italian Railway Stamps
  • Norwegian Railways On Stamps - Jon Digranes, .NO
  • Spanish Railway Stamps - Jorge Biera, .ES
  • Railroad Thematic Stamps - von Horst Brix, .DE
  • RPO ['Rail' or 'Rolling' Post Office] Postmark Page - Rick Kunz, .US
  • T.P.O. & Seapost Society
    > 41 Paxton Gardens, Woking, Surrey GU21 5TS, UK
  • Western Pennsylvania Model Rail Road Museum (WPMRM), .us-PA
    (Not PHILatelic)
  • Topical Index : Trains
  • Religion or Religious Themes
    - See: Topicals : Religion on Stamps  
  • Resources, Philatelic
    - See: General Links: Resources (Category)
  • Joe Frasketi's Space Covers - good Philatelic Resources, .us-FL
    Ref.: Topicals: Space (Category)
  • Joeseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web
    Ref.: Gen. Links: Resources
    Joseph as a dealer (US) : .us-WI

    >See Also:
  • Antiques A to Z ( Philatelic and Numismatic Resources) .us
  • Philanet - Markus Seitz (Philatelic links site) .ch
  • German Language Philatelist Links
  • Briefm@rken Online*
      {aka: Scoutphila**} [GR] (*resources, **web services) .ch
  • Centro Iinternacional de Filatelia y Numismatica
       Alejandro Torres, @ - (resources) [SP]
  • 1840on (news and resources), .uk
  • Stamp-Collecter.com, The-; clubs, auctions ..
  • Philatelie.fr (France) [FR, EN] (directory, advertising, sales) .fr
  • Stamplynx - Jared Neville (WW, Resources)
  • Find Your Stamps Value ONLINE (US stamps) ; new 5/2
    Our mission is to help you to identify and find the value of your U.S. stamps!
    Try our guest search service for free!
  • , .be ; 5/2
    (aka: Roger's Philatelic Links)
      Philatelic dealers & clubs and more than 4400
  • Collect-Online.Com (Collector's Portal!) ; 5/2
  • filatelie (a Dutch philatelic resources website),
    Cite: Dealers : Netherlands : See Also
    >Additional Dealer Resources
  • Collectors Universe

    >See Also:
    Dealers Topical Index : Web Hosting : Multi-Vendor -
  • Stamp Circuit.com (multi vendor)
       'Virtual meeting place for stamp collectors, dealers, auctioneers.'
  • Ruby Lane (multi vendor) .us-CA
  • Brass Armadillo (multi vendor) .us-AZ, OR, IA, CO, MN
  • Stamp Dealers Int'l (SDI) (online mall, association) .us-FL
       Incl. : Interactive Dealer Matchmaker (multi vendor/member search)
    Cite: Gen. Links : Dealer education resource
  • My Top Site List - a 'Top 50 Philatelic Sites!', .uk
    'Copyright 2000 The Philatelic Interests of James C. Munch'
    Cite: Homepage & Specialized Collecting Menus
  • O MUNDO DA FILATELIA - Francisco Jos� Profito, @ , .br  
  • Revenue (or Tax) Stamps
    See: Specialized Collecting : Postage vs. Other #
    >See Also:
  • Group for Revenues and Cinderellas - Thorbjorn Wikstrom, .se (YaHoo! group)
  • US Revenue Stamps (another YaHoo! group)
  • revenue-collector.com (philately of)
    Registrant c.2010: Dan B. Harding, P.O. Box 17212 Urbana, Illinois 61803, USA
    Tel.: +1.2173841858, heavyharmonies<@>gmail.com, [email protected]
  • American Revenue Association
    P.O.Box 1663, Easton, MD 21601, USA
  • State Revenue Society APS SRS Sec.: Kent Gray, @
        c/o Kent: Box 9726, Dyess AFB, TX 79607
    or/alt?: Box 270184, Oklahoma City, OK 73137-0184
  • California Revenuers
    The Cal. Rev. �R� journal published 3 to 4 times a year. Sample for $1
    SASE to : Jerry Lurie, PO Box 5593, Concord, CA 94524-0593
  • Revenue Society of Great Britain
    53a High St., Whitwell, Hitchen, Herts SG4 8AJ, UK
  • (c.2000)
    Secretary & Publicity Manager: Andrew McClellan, @ (c.201009)
  • Our Exhibit : Illegal Substances Tax Stamps
  • R. Mustacich's Battleship Revenue Stamps
  • Taxes and Tax Stamps on Playing-Cards - Peter Endebrock, .de
  • Telegraph & Telephone Study Circle
        PO Box 62, York, Y01 1YL,
  • How to Tell a Revenue Usage When You See One - Ken Stewart/JPOTI
        (even though it's the wrong article! - at leat a/o 12/1; ok c.2010)
  • Index Entries : 'Duck Stamps', 'Newspaper Stamps'
    cf.: 'Charity Stamps'
  • Rocket Mail Society
    15 Bushes Ave., Paisley PA2 6JR, Scotland, UK
  • Rocket City Stamp Club
    402 Sunrise Ave., Alamogordo, NM 88310-4141
    cf: Topicals : Transportation: by Air
    >See Also Index Entries: Space, Aerophilately
  • Rocks  
  • Rock Stamps, Collecting - Bob Keller's Rock Shop
      Cite: Topicals : The Physical World
  • Rock Stamps - Radiology Centennial Inc  
  • Roses on Postage Stamps - Terri Waddell (Alt URL); ck
    Lists 3 good webrings.
    Also hosts: Roses on Postage Stamps (a Yahoo Group):
    A list to announce new postage stamp listings for Rose topicals.
  • Rotary on Stamps Philatelic Society
    74 Alexandra Road, Farnborough, GU14 6DD, England

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