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  1. Fake (not 'Forgery') Stamps
    >The Identifier of Carriers, Locals, Fakes ... by Larry Lyon
    Featured by: Park Cities Stamps (sales: US Carriers & locals) .us-TX
    > First Issue Reserved Edition : A collection of fictitious U.S. postage stamps
    from: Pyrodise Distributers (anarchy online!)
    Cite: Entities : USA (re: article: Pynchon Postage Puzzles Experts)
    www.canuck.com/Fire/fire.html '404' c.2009
    See Also:
    >Basic Collecting : Identifiers : ISWSC's (and others) Bogus Issues
    >Index Entries: 'Cinderella, Expertization, Forgeries, Illegal Stamps  
  2. FAQ, Stamps - Cite: Gen. Links: Resources
    Nore: Read closley: there are several contenders!  
  3. Fauna (Animals) : Category
    Dogs, Dino's, Cats, Horses ...
    See Also:
    Wildlife Postage Stamps Links - Tricia Cutler  
  4. Fiji4Me - John Ray, UK
    including Fiji Post photos!
  5. Fire / Flames
    >Fire, @ (stamps, postcards, covers)
    Depicting fires and Fire Service. Send for list or send your wants list...
    Cite: Topical Directory : Events
    www.codeworks-uk.com/thematics.html '404' c.2011
    > Flames on Stamps - Marchat Lo�c, .FR (actually a type of cancel; little to do w/fire)  
  6. First Day Covers [FDC's] : (Category)
    See Also:
    > Hand-Painted FDC (HPFDC) - Chapter 73 : AFDCS,  
    >First Day Cover Webring - Cite: FDC's
    > Oxnard Stamp Mart (First Day ceremony programs)
    >American Ceremony Program Society, TX 77079, USA
    >Paslay Classic Cachets (sales: Hand Painted FDC's)
    > William III's Handcrafted Cachets (sales: FDC's ..), .us-MN
  7. First Flight Covers (article, sales: Br C'wealth; ref ) .us-PA
  8. Fish / Fishing
    > Fish, Game & Duck Stamps - HNR Software (sales)
    > Fishing, Sports ; ck  
  9. Flags (Vexillology)
    º Chris Pinette's Flags on Stamps
    Cite : Topicals : Misc.
    See Also:
    º Congo Flags on Stamps - Joan-Franc�s Blanc
    Cite: Entities Index : Regions : Africa
    º Flags on Stamps - Zhang Xun
  10. Flora (flowers etc.) - Topical: Category
    º Australian Flora Stamps [dotted addr.] Australian National Botanic Gardens:
    cf / Alt. URL; .gov.au
    See Also:
    > Flowers - Violetta Karydaki
    geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/5529/ '404' c.200910
  11. Football (Socer) & Philately, Australian - Paul Davies
    Cite: Topicals : Sports : Football  
  12. Forgery (Forged not Faked) stamps
    >Scout Stamp Fakes & Forgeries (SOSSI)
    Cite: Exhibits : Other
    >Claghorn's "Comparative Philatelic Forgery Identification Site"
    Cite: Basic Collecting : Tools
    >HFF's Forgery Links
    Cite: Basic Collecting : Tools
    >GotStamps' The Simplicity of Basic Forgery Detection
    >   See Also: eBay
  13. Forums (e.g. Chat, Newsgroups) - Category
  14. Fossil Stamp (Yahoo!) Club w/chat [EN] - Mario Alfredo Galan, El Salvador
    Cite1: Topicals : The Physical World
    Cite2: Topicals : Fauna : Dinosaurs
  15. Frogs (& Toads)
    Cite: Topicals : Fauna : Marine
    See Also:
    > Frogs on Stamps - G.J.G.A. de Waal
       http://members.xoom.com/quioui/stampshome.html - '404' 9/2001

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