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  1. Cachets (Art and Printing on covers) - See : Dealers Topical Index : Cachets
    See Also : Specialized Collecting : FDC & Event covers  
  2. Campaign(s), Stamp
  3. Robert P. Feynman Stamp Campaign - c/o Ralph Leighton,
    Box 182, Belvedere, CA 94920 USA
    '.. a critical step' in an organized effort to persuade the U.S. Postal Service to issue a postage stamp to commemorate Richard Feynman.
    See Also: J.E. Slone
  4. Georgia Lighthouses - U. S. Postage Stamp Project
    >See Also:
  5. The Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee (USA), .us-DC
    Cite: Entities : USA
  6. Index Entry : Designers, Stamp  
  7. Cancel or Cancelation - See: Category
    >See Also:
  8. Clubs Toipical Index: Cancels
  9. Index Entries : 'Missing Children..', Paquebot (ship cancels/marks), Perfins, Precancels
  10. Cancer - See : Topicals Dir. : The Arts : Medicine
  11. Breast Cancer Research FDC Collection - Mike Smith
  12. Cars - See: 'Automobile'  
  13. Carriers & Locals
  14. The Identifier of Carriers, Locals, Fakes... by Larry Lyon
        Book featured by: Park Cities Stamps (sales: US Carriers & locals) .us-TX
    See Also:
    Clubs : Carriers & Locals
    Postal Authorities : Local Posts
  15. Cartography - See : 'Maps'
  16. Catapult Mail - Aksel Maack, .dk  
  17. Censored Mail
    Collectors, and articles: (See Also: Groups)
  18. Greenland WW2 Censors & APO's [EN] Mr. Per Ronberg, @, [PWO], .dk
  19. Censored Scout mail (via SOSSI)
  20. Censored Mail [DN, EN] - Steen H�gfeldt, @, .dk
    "Join my efforts to gather all people who collect censored covers."
    alt?: Censored Mail - Steen H�gfeldt
  21. Australian Censor
    Western Australia Study Group - Book Offer/Review:
    --- Western Australia - The Forces, Prisoner of War and Censor Mail
    --- by Bruce Haynes, Ph.D., and Brian Pope, M. Phil.
  22. Bahamas Censored mail
  23. Bulgarien WWI censorship
  24. Irish Censorship during WW II
  25. Malta boyscouts and censorship - Slettebo [EN], .no
  26. UN Forces
  27. Oh My Gosh!; several Aden articles regarding censor markings.
    >Dealers ...
  28. Assorted censor covers for sale (via Dingus)
  29. Philatelic literature - censorship books - Hartman - PB Books, .us-
  30. Military and Civil Censored Mail WW2 - Allan Roeschmann (sales), .dk
  31. WWII Military and Civil Censored Covers - Soeren Nellemann (sales) .dk?
    Alt./diff. URL: Nellemann's Stamp (Military and Civil Mail from WW2) .dk?
  32. Military Postal History - incl. censored postal history - /rogerbarton/
    >See Also:
  33. Mail to the Stars Collectors Society (Movie Star Mail), OH 43209, USA (E, U)
  34. Dingus WW Postal History
    "I am a private collector [50 yrs.] and am not in business.."
    (selling out his P/H, censored mail, revenues)
  35. Index Entries : Military, Post Offices: APO's , War...  
  36. Ceramic & Ceramic Materials, The Diversity of - Tom Fortunato
    >See Also:
  37. Index Entry : Insulators
  38. Challenger Disaster Covers / STS-51L Memorial Home Page
    - by: Dr. Ross J. Smith, .au
    Cite: Topicals : Space
    Note: this page is different than the one referenced in 'Space'  
  39. Charities
  40. Scott Kitchen (resources)
    Cite: Gen. Links: Resources (esp. charity page)
  41. Oxfam, .ca
  42. Exclusiv PhilFund - Dr D. Mykhaylitchenko ("space-polarpost" thema; aimed at 'charity') .ua
    xRef : Topicals Dir.: Space
  43. Charity Stamps
    >See Also:
  44. Index Entries : Advertising, Children, Christmas, Cinderella (below)
  45. Chess - See: Topicals : Sports & Games Catetory .

  46. Chess Masters on Stamps, Jewish (Ad: Book by Berkovich & Divinsky)
    Cite : Topicals : Sports & Games
    >See Also:
  47. Chess on Stamps Herbert Roeder at [email protected]
  48. Chess Art Topicals Stamps - Andrea Pavani, .it
    old: topicalstamps.at.edeal.com ('404' c.2011)  
  49. Children
  50. Missing Children Pictorial Stamp Cancellation
    "Due to a disk problem on this server, all Web pages at this URL have been lost and restoration from older copies should restore most of what was here!" - 8/2001  
  51. Christmas - See: Topicals : Religion on Stamps
    >See Also:
  52. Christmas Seals.org - American Lung Association, USA
  53. Christmas Seals.net - John Denune, USA
  54. Betsy & Chuck's Christmas Seals & Stamps for Collectors ( Xmas seals, stamps, EFO's, Japan & Pennsylvania) .us-PA
      Also hosts the 'Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society'
      Cite: Topicals : Religion on Stamps : CSCSS
  55. Danish Christmas Seals - Ann Mette Heindorff
  56. Christmas stamps, 100 years of
    and : Christmas Stamps (diff. page)
    Cite: Topicals : Events #
  57. Clubs : Topics : Holidays : Christmas   
  58. Cinderella Stamps - See: Category, Dealers

    (Where) ... interests lie in local stamps, (these include) telegraph stamps, railway stamps, revenues, fiscals, forgeries, bogus and phantom issues, Christmas, Red Cross, TB and other charity seals, registration labels, advertisement and exhibition labels and many other items � all of which are the so-called Cinderellas of Philately.

    The Cinderella Stamp Club, London

    >See Also:

  59. Group for Revenues and Cinderellas - Thorbjorn Wikstrom, .se

  60. Cinderella Stamp Club (CSC), of London.
      31 Springfield Road, Bury St., Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3AR, UK
  61. Fabio Vaccarezza, @, .it
    Responsible for the Locals of the World section in The Cinderella Philatelist (C.P.), the magazine which, since 1961, is distributed world wide to all members of the CSC.

  62. Cinderella Stamp Club of Australia
      P.O. Box 889, Chatswood, NSW 2057
  63. Postal Label Study Group, USA
    Postal labels as used in the processing of the mails
    including: Airmail labels, Registration labels, Express labels,
    Priority labels, Certified mail labels, Insurance labels,
    Official Seals, Parcel post labels and Mail Routing labels.

  64. Society of Cinderella Collectors
      Sorgardsvagen 19, S-191 44 Sollentuna, Sweden
  65. Deutsche Privatpost [GR], .de

  66. Chemnitz: WVD - Postservi, .de

  67. Holzminden: Weserbote, .de

  68. Leipzig: City - Post, .de

  69. Hawai'i Post - Paul Edney - delivery service issueing stamps
    P O Box 8735, Honolulu, Hawaii 96830, USA
    Fax: (808)-922-2343; must be 'unblocked'; dial *82 first
    Cite: Dealers : .us-HI

  70. Postal Authorities : Local Posts
  71. Index Entries : Artistamps, Greenpeace, Fakes

  72. Rags to Riches; The neglected world of Cinderella Philately, Paul Chesham

  73. Connecticut Cinderellas (sic), .us-CT
  74. Cindstamp.com - C. Stetson Thomas (ww Cinderellas) .us-
  75. Coelacanth Stamps (Old 'Four Legs')
    Cite : Topicals : Fauna : Dinosaurs
    Cite : Topicals : Fauna : Marine

    >See Also:
  76. Index Entry : Dinosaurs  
  77. Coins / Coinage
  78. a Coin Dealers Directory, .uk (Menu)
  79. Metals used in Coins and Medals - by Tony Clayton, @, .UK
    Also has three related series:
    Coins of the UK since the Norman Conquest
    Decimal Coins of the UK
    Values of UK Coins, a series which includes reasonably up-to-date values and the facility to download the value information in the form of CSV files that can be loaded into any suitable database or spreadsheet program. Do have a look!
    And catalogs: GB Machins, Postage Dues, QEII, GB Regionals
  80. Coins on Stamps - Marcel Zumstein

    >See Also: 'Encased Postage'
  81. Composer Biographies (classical music) {non philatelic}
    Cite: Topicals : Music : See Also  
  82. Computers / Computing
  83. Philatelic Computing Study Group (PCSG), CA 93031, USA  
  84. Concorde, The
  85. Concorde Briefmarkensammlung (Concorde covers & stamps) .de
    Cite: Topical: Transports: By Air
  86. Concorde Study Circle
    6 Urlwin Walk, Myatts Fields South, London, SW9 6QG, England
  88. Confederate Stamps & Postal History
  89. Blue And Gray Stamp Club, PA 17325, USA

  90. >See Also:
  91. Entities Index : USA
  92. Entities : USA
  93. Copyright [©] (protecting your interests)
  94. US Copyright Office

    >Other © resources :
  95. Topicals : The Arts : Literature : See Also
  96. Our ©
  97. "COSMONAUTICS" Encyclopedia - Aleksandr Zheleznyakov
    See : Sergey Okun's -= S P A C E���S T A M P S =-
    Cite: Topicals Dir.: Space
    'Designed as a part of "COSMONAUTICS" Encyclopedia
  98. Covers ( Postal History, FDC's, Maxi's ...)

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