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  1. 'S' is for Stamps : Linn's ABC Book
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List
  2. San Francisco Cog Wheel Cancels Display, by/see: Rick Mingee
  3. Seamark Illustrated Catalogue of Lighthouse Stamps and the 'Seamark Newsletter'
    Catalog: Keith Hall, Newsletter: Derrick Jackson
    Cite: Basic Collecting : Topicals : Lighthouses
  4. Ship Letters of the South Pacific , by J. Whitsed Dovey (Author), H. M. Campbell (Introduction)
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : Pacific Region
  5. Showcasing Your Stamp Collection: A "how to" Guide for Creating Original Albums,
    Supplementing Ready-Made Albums
    , C. E. Foster
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List
  6. Siberia: Postmarks and Postal History of the Russian Empire Period, by P.E. Robinson (1906)
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : Russia
  7. Sify Directory (a ver. of DMOZ), .in
    Cite: Gen. Links : Directories
  8. Simple Guide to Detecting and Understanding Regummed, Reperforated, Altered, and Faked Stamps, A
    by Reverend Doctor Philip de Rochambeau (Author)  
  9. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
    Los Angeles, CA, USA chapter - Cite : Topicals : Fauna : Related
  10. Sources of Historical Information - Publication 119
    (on Post Offices, Postal Employees, Mail Routes, and Mail Contractors - October 2006)
    (cc) , USPS
    Cite : Hosted ( Index.
  11. - aka: JJF Space Covers - Joe and Tony Frasketi,
    Cite: Dealers : US : FL
  12. SPCA = Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    Cite : Dealers : U.K. Menu
  14. Sports Card Show, The [non-philatelic] (Cite: Sports: See Also  
  15. - Rarieties Int'l (directory, scales, books/journals ..) .sg
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resources
    Gen. Topical Index entries: 'Obituarites', 'Trading Communities', 'Printers', ICQ
    Dealer Index entries: Rarieties Int'l,
    Dealer Topical Index entries: Supplies : 'Specialty Items' (scales)
  16. Stamp Appreciation = '404' 7/2001
  17. Stamp Art Postal History, by Michael Thompson, Michael Hernandez De Luna
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : Artistamps
  18. Stamp Club Webring
    Cite: Table of Contents (i.e. 'homepage') (opps; I cancelled them.)
  19. Stamp Collecting (First Guide) , by Neill Granger
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List
  20. Stamp Collecting: The Definitive-Everything you ever wanted to know. by Mr. Michael DuBasso (January 4, 2012):
    Do I have a one million dollar stamp in my collection?
  21. "Stamp Collecting Begins Here", 'AskPhil'
    A function of the Collectors Club of Chicago: "..provided as a service to offer general answers to questions about stamp collecting...
    Cite: Philately : World ++++
  22. Stamp Collecting for Beginners , Burton H. Hobson
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List
  23. Stamp Collecting For Geek's ; Stamp Collecting For Beginners How To Learn All About Stamp Collecting Techniques Along With The Stamp Collecting Lingo And How To Find Values Of Your Collection, Clint J. Newton (Author) {Kindle Edition}
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : Website Hosting : See Also
  24. Stamp Collecting Is Fun , I. Michael Orenstein
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List
  25. Stamp Collecting Publications Page - Scott Kitchen, .US
    Cite: Basics : News Resources
  26. Stamp Collecting For Dummies (Paperback, August 15, 2001) , by Richard L. Sine, .us-SC
    Cite : ??
  27. Stamp Collector's Awesome Book Of Notes, Lists & Ideas: Featuring Brain Exercises!, A, by Clarity Media
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : Geneeral Dealers
  28. Stamp Counterfeiting: The Evolution of an Unrecognized Crime, by H. K. Petschel
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : EFO's (Error Stamps)  
  29. Stamp Domain, @ (UK Club resources, free web space), .uk
    Uses: : Clubs : Regions : Indian Ocean (Study Circle)
    Cite: Clubs : Bibliography
  30. Stamp Libraries & Museums - Stamp2 (ww directory), Singapore (.sg)
    Cite: Basics : News Resources '404' c.2014  
  31. Stamp List, The (Formerly SCWN)
    Cite (Hosted by) : Jim's Stamps - Jim McKellips, VA 24504, USA
    Cite : Bacic Collecting : Newsgroups
  32. Stamp Magazines and Newspapers -, .us-NY
    Cite: News : News Resources
  33. Stamp NetWork (Webring) - by RingSurf
  34. Stamp Shows Worldwide (, Paul Edney
    Cite : Dealers : USA : HI
    Cite : World Dealers Directory; most U.S. States, Canada . . .
  35. Stamp Today - O. Neufeld, .US
    Daly News From the Philatelic, Stamp and Postal World
    Cite: Basics : News Sources
  36. Stamp Yellow Pages, Paul Edney
    Cite : Dealers : USA : HI
  37. - Bill Steiner (.pdf ww album page downloads) .US
    Cite: (many) throughout Stamp Issuing Entities Menus (& decendent pages)
    Ref.: Introduction (an explanation)  
  38. - Taylor Clark Gallery, .us-FL
    Cite: General Links : Resources
    Cite: Advertiser/Affilate
  39. stamp-finder [GR; limited English] - Martin Koenen, .de
    [aka: 'Briefmarken online' or 'Rhein Main Briefmarken Links']
    Cite: General Links : Resources  
  40. - Roger Pearce (Resource directory)
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resources
    Ref.: Dealers : 'Pearce & Assoc.' (financial consulting & accounting services) .us-CA
    Site sub-specialty: a New Zealand directory
    xRef: Dealers : .nz - 'See Also'  
  41. StampTRAC (free inventory software) from StampFinder
    cf.: StampsNet
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Sports & Games
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Postal History (and more...)
  42. Stamps ('The Original' Mailing List)
  43. Stamps and Stamp Collecting (Hobby guides) , by Judy Allen
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List
  44. Stamps of Victoria - by Les Molnar (good c.201503)
    Cite : Dealers : Australia : See Also:  
  45. Stamps FAQ
    Cite : Gen. Links : Resources
    Cite : Hosted ( : Index
    Only one left c.2010 :
    Cite: Philately : Research : World (<== c.2014)
    Note: Read closely: there are/were several contenders!: Luft, Aitken ... c.2001
  46. Stamps of Canada, The - by Bertram W. H. Poole (c.1908)
    Cite: Philately : Research : Canada
  47. stamps of the German empire, The , by Bertram William Henry Poole
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : Germany
  48. Stamps of the Polar Worlds, by Frank R. Michel
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : Ross Dependency
  49. Stamps of the UK and Italy, by Tony Clayton, UK
  50. Stamps on Black History Home Page
    Cite: Exhibits : Other
  51. Stamps We Should Resist, article by Mr. Bengt Bengtsson
    Cite: Topicals : Introductions
  52. (directory and search engine of Resources)
    You can pay for top listings.
    Ref.: Dealer Topical Index : Advertising  
  53. StampsNet - © USID, Inc., Editor: Randy L. Neil (Internet Magazine)
    Features a 'download and review' of StampTRAC inventory software
  54. Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue - Eastern Pacific: Including Cook Islands, Aitutaki, Penrhyn Island, Niue, Pitcairn Islands and Samoa , by Hugh Jefferies
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : Pacific Region
  55. STORIA POSTALE ITALIANA 1861 1961 - 100 anni di "Posta e Societŕ"
    in Italian : "History of the mail and users, from 1861 to 1961.." (Google translation)
    Cite: Philately : Italy
  56. STS-51L (Challenger) Memorial Home Page - Dr Ross J Smith
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Space
  57. Stuart Rossiter Trust, UK
    "Postal History publishing, and sale of books, sponsorship of authors and postal history research, through grants, guidance and support - are the main objectives of the Stuart Rossiter Trust. The trust is a Registered Charity Number 292076."
    Cite : Philately : World
    xRef : Titles : Topical : Postal History : See Also  
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    Artistamps - news and reviews

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