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  1. (Books, Resources; Advertiser) .us-NY
    Cite: General Links: Resources
    See Also: : Mike Mills (their former stamps ed.)
  2. Adventures in Topical Stamp Collecting , by George Giffenhagen (Author), Jerome Husak (Author)
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List
  3. Aerogrammes of Australia and its Dependencies, 1944-1980, The, by Robert C Stein (1984)
    Cite : Postal Authorities : Australia
  4. African-American Philatelic Experience - Sanford L. Byrd - AAWWSP, .US-MI
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Peoples
  5. Age of Arthur, The - John Morris (not philatelic)
    An excerpt discussing the historian's process.
  6. Alphabetilately - William Senkus, .FR
  7. alt.collecting.autographs - Autograph Collecting (email group)
    Cite: Specialized Collecting : Postal History
    See Also: Index term 'rec.collecting'
  8. American Illustrated Cover Catalog (Stamp Auction Catalog) , by David G. Phillips
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : Covers  
  9. American Philatelic Research Library (APRL) (APS info page)
    cf: Libraries
    See Also: Names Index : Phil Bansner, V.P., APRL
  10. American Stampless Cover Catalog (Vol. One) , by David G. Phillips (Editor)
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : Postal History
  11. An Easy Guide to Regummed, Altered, and Faked Stamps, Michael Taylor (book sales) .us- ; '404' 12/2001
  12. Angels to Zeppelins by Donald J. Lehnus (advertised book; indexes US stamps)
    "A detailed analysis of, accompanied by indexes to, the people and things depicted on all 1,355 post-age stamps issued by the US Government from 1847 through 1980. ... Recommended for larger general reference collections in all types of libraries."
    Cite : Basic Collecting : Some Books...
    Cite: Specialized Collecting : Menu
  13. Antichi Stati (ancient states) (aka: Italian States), Italy
    Specialized site with copies of all stamps issued by the "old states" before the unification of Italy
  14. Antarctic Philately - Gary Pierson, .US
    aka: Antarctic Philatelic Exchange
    Cite: Topicals : Polar Regions
    prior URL:
    prior URL:
  15. Antarctica by Stamps - G. Turra, .IT
    Cite: Topicals : Polar Regions
  16. Appointments of Postmasters in Louisiana, 12 January 1827 - 28 December 1892 , by Harry F. Dill (2002)
    Cite : Dealers : USA : LA
  17. Archangel's - The Stamp Collectors Network - Ivan White, @, .us- n/s
    Buy, Sell, Trade: "FREE": join & post messages
    (from our guestbook (~Post/Read an Ad~ - 9/25/01)
  18. Asi Se Colleccionan Sellos (Spanish Edition) (How to Collect Stamps), Ives Taschereau
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List  
  19. AskPhil - Dick Sine, .us
    A function of the Collectors Club of Chicago, IL 60610, USA
    Cite: Gen. Links: Resource
    Cite: Topicals Dir. : Introductins (search engine)
    Ref.: Dealers Index : Terminology : Expertiztion
    Ref.: Postal Authorities : Bibliography
    A major resource for this work. Especially 'Clubs & Societies', 'Expertizers' ...
    Cite: Clubs : Bibliography
  20. - Robert Keller, Germany
    Cite: Clubs : Germany : Weltraum-Philatelie e.V.
    Cite: Topical Philately : Transportation : By Air
  21. Author Anniversaries pages, Philip Harper [aka King Kong]
    (NOT philatelic) See : Topicals : The Arts : Literature : See Also

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