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[FRAMES] Postal Authorities
An Introduction
(An Example Postal Listing)

Namibia Stamp Centre
Nambia Post Ltd.
Private Bag 13336
Windhoek, Namibia
  • Tel : +264 61 201-3107
  • Fax : +264 61 25-9467
  • E-Mail : [email protected]
    Official Agents List: (cc)
  • Eastgate; .za,
  • Herrick; 'America',
  • Philart SA;"for" .de; .ch; .at,
  • International; .hk "for China",
  • Crown Agents; .jp; .au; .nz & 'Europe except .de; .ch; .at'
  • Pacific Rim; "in" .us
  • Hansen; "in" .no
  • Philatelic MO ; .tw
  • Druce ; .au
    Other Agents: Global
  • In Brief - contact & referal data:
    • Country/Entity names have links to files here
    • A "Official Agents List" has a link to their website
    • A '(cc)' next to a link ('carbon copy' or any facsimilie) indicates a copy of the document is on this site.
    • A link after the term "Agent(s)" links to the listing of that Agent(s) entry in the 'Postal Agents section.
    If you would like to obtain a copy on disk of these Postal Agents & Postal Authorities listings send US$10 to the address below.

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