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  1. Amagerbro Frimćrkehus /aka: Copenhagen Stamp Shop - Harvey Rosenblum, .dk
    {ex American}(topicals, kiloware, albums)
    Ref.: Entities : Denmark (link exchange)
  2. Amanda's Topicals - Amanda Smith (topicals, new issues), .ca-BC
  3. Amazing Rare Stamps - Josef Waigand (Wholesale, Thailand, packets..), .de
    aka: Waigand & Waigand OHG
    Old: www.Stamps.as '404' c.201010
    older: geocities.com/RodeoDrive/8462/ '404' c.200910
  4. Amazon.ca (dynamic book displays; I sell them)
    Cite : Dealers : Canada : Menu
    Cite : Dealers : Canada : Alberta
    Cite : Dealers : Canada : British Columbia Bottom
    Cite : Dealers : Canada : British Columbia Top
  5. Amazon.co.uk (dynamic book displays; I sell them)
    Cite : Dealers : UK : Menu
  6. Amazon.com (dynamic book displays; I sell them)
    Cite : Homepage : More Books
  7. Amberman Postal History, .us-NY
  8. Amblyn Enterprises (.au, Antarctic), .au-NSW
  9. AME Trading LLC - Mrs. Angela M. Estrada (Packets, Collections/Lots, .ca, Scandinavia), .us-CA
  10. Ameen Stamps - Dr. Ray Ameen (.mx, Latin Amer., ww), .us-TX
  11. American-International (stamps, coins, supplies) .us-IL
  12. American Coin and Stamp Brokerage (Public & Mail Auctions, Auction Agent) .us-NY
  13. American Coin and Stamp Exchange - John & Lotus DeFevers (US; incl. 'Discount Postage', collectibles) .us-TN
    www.ACASX.Com/ '404' c.2008
  14. American First Day Cover Society (Expertization: US FDC's) .us-OH
  15. American Lung Association (Christmas Seals), .us-DC
    xRef. : Dealers : Topics : Chairty
  16. American Nostalgia Stamps, .us
    oops: members.home.net/americannostalgia ; 'not in svc' 12/1
    old: members.aol.com/americanostalgia/nostalg.html ; forwards 11/1
  17. American Philatelic Brokerage (Auction Agent, P/H, .ca), .us-AZ
  18. American Philatelic Congress (Books) .us-MO  
  19. American Philatelic Expertizing Service (APEX), .us-PA
      Mercer Bristow, Krystal Harter
    A joint effort of the APS and the ASDA
    Ref.: Terminology: Expertization: Expert Associations
  20. American Philatelic Foundation (free evaluations) .us-CA  
  21. American Philatelic Society (APS) - .us-PA
    Last full "dealer" listings (cf. clubs) survey : c.200609 "APS-06" (s/b APS-07 *)
    (Note: those simply marked 'APS' are c.2001 or 2006/7)
    (* It appears they update in Aug. or later c.2008)
    Survey 2008: Canada
    USA 2008: CA, MA, MT
    Survey: Auction Agents : c.2001, 2011, 2014
    Survey: Australia c.2007-2011
    Survey: Canada c.201201
    Survey: England c.201110
    Survey: Israel (c.201109)
    Survey: Netherlands c.201110
    Survey: New Zealand (c.201109)
    Survey: Scotland c.201110
    Survey: South Africa (c.201109)
    Wales c.201110
    USA 2010-12: CO, I N, MI, MA, MA, MT, WY
    USA 2014: AK, AR, CA, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, ME, MI, MN, MO, NE, NH, NV, NY, OK, PA, TN, VA, UT, VT, WA, WI
    USA 2014: none: AL, DC
    USA 2015: AZ, MA, MT, OR
    USA 2015 none: ND, SD
    Dealer Mall, Theft Reports, Member Verification
    xRef: Terminology: Expertization: Expert Associations
    xRef: Dealers: Topical : Dealer Associations
    Cite: Clubs : USA : National
    Cite: Dealers : USA : PA
  22. American Philately - Mr? Severson (sales?) .us-
  23. American Stamp & Coin Co. Dale L. Williams, Peter N. Spooner (US & ww), .us-AZ  
  24. American Stamp Dealers Association {ASDA} (& ASD&C Magazine), .us-NY
    ASD&C - American Stamp Dealer & Collector magazine (new in 2005)
    Full Surveys: 2007
    c.2010 : USA : Texas
    c.201109 : USA: Colorado
    c.201109 : Australia
    c.201201 : Canada
    c.201412 : USA : AR, CA, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, ME, MI, MN, MO, OK, PA, TN, UT, VA, WA, WI - DC
    c.201412 none: , AL , AK , KY , HI , NV , VT
    c.201507: AZ, MA, OR
    c.2015 none: ND, SD
    Ref.: US Dealers Menu
    xRef: Topical Dealers Index: Dealer Associations
    xRef: Am. Phil. Expertising Svc (APEX above)
    xRef: Terminology: Expertization: Expert Associations
    xRef: Topical Dealers Index : Expertization
  25. American Stamp Dealers Association - Northwest Chapter, .us-WA
    xRef: Topical Dealers Index: Dealer Associations
  26. American Topical Association, Inc. (topical handbooks), USA
    xRef.: Clubs : Index
  27. Americana Resources, Inc. (Antiques and Collectibles; incl. Stamps) .us-MD
    Also operates Collectors.Org: information website for collecting clubs ...
    Offical Web Site for the National Association of Collectors
    & Association of Collecting Clubs
    xRef: Clubs : US : MD, USA
    www.amres.com '404' c.201101
    See Also: Antiques & Collectibles National Assoc. (below)
  28. America's Stamp Stop - Karl Schaefer (Auction Agent, U.S., GB & Col., W.Euro, Asia), .us-MI
  29. Americana Stamp and Coin Galleries - Jay Tell (Auction Agent, 19th/20th Cent Classics, EFO's, Lots), .us-CA
  30. AmeriCom Philatelic - Martin L. Barron, Jr. (Mint U.S. & Classics) .us-MD
  31. Amicale Cartophile Philatélique St Gaud (), .fr
  32. Aminut, Camron Menachem (), .il
  33. Amis Coins & Stamps - Alex Issajenko (.de, .eu: east, ww), .ca-ON
  34. Amos Press, Inc. (Scott catalogs, Linn's Stamp News, ZOS...), .us-OH
    Ref. : Gen. Links: Resources (as "Linn's Stamp News")
    Rebranded: Amos Media (c.2014)
  35. Amorsi Collections (), .fr
  36. AMR Mail Sale (ww)
  37. Amy Stamps - Milton Madoff (.eu & Colonies, BrC'wealth, Worldwide Postal History), .us-CA  
  38. Ana Libri Press - Ana Maria Gallo, (publisher) .us-WA
    Owned by? and Publishes: Dr. Frederick Highland's 'The Mystry Box'; stamp related fiction ...
    old URL: home.earthlink.net/~ana_libri
  39. Andersen, Robert D. (), .au-Qld
  40. Anderson, Edward C. (OS : Foreign Sets, Price lists : .uk/C'wealth, .fr/Colonies), .us-WA
    aka: Internet Stamp Shop (seasonal; c.2015 aj.)
  41. Anderson Postal History, Gary (sic), .us-MN
  42. Andex Stamps Pty. Ltd. - Andrew Kimonides (.au, Br C'wealth, Pacific), .au-VIC
    now (c.2011): Andrew Kimonides Pty Ltd
    aka: Ivanhoe Stamps, Coins, Collectables
  43. Andre Stamps - Andre Dippenaar ( ), .za
  44. Andreotta, Hector R. ( ), .ar
  45. Andrew Curd Philately, .uk-KT
  46. Andrew Kimonides Pty Ltd - aka: Andex Stamps q.v.
  47. Andrew Vaughan Philatelics Ltd. (GB) .uk-ST
  48. Andrews, Joseph E. (Mint Foreign, W. Europe, Brit. Empire, Europa), .us-CA
  49. Andrews, R.M. - .uk-GL
  50. Andrews Philatelic Consultants - Robert E. Lynch (U.S., Worldwide, Covers, Postcards, Postal Cards), .us-IL
  51. Andy Kriegler Stamps ( ), .za
  52. Anfil S.A. (Dealer Assoc.), 28___ Madrid, .es
    (Asociacion Nacional de Empresarios de Filatelia y Numismatica de Espana)
    Anfil COMMITTEE: (c.2008):
    Anfil President:, Boulandier Bilbao, Roberto @
    Anfil Vicepresident 1°:, Alvarez Orellana, Hortensia @
    Anfil Secretry: Lopez, Baza, Pablo @
    Anfil International relations:, REOL Franco, Concha @
    Anfil Board Member:, Jose Maria SALLAN @
    Anfil Board Member:, Cuadra Cid, Pablo @
    Anfil Board Member:, AYALA Díaz, Pedro @
    Anfil Board Member:, Cristobal Miras, Igor @
    Anfil Board Member:, Mirman Castillo, Mario @
    Ref.: Dealers: Spain
  53. Anfil S.A. (Dealer Assoc.), 08___ Barcelona, .es
  54. Anglo American Appraisal Serives, Inc. - Mike Japp (Appraisals; auctions), .us-NY 10025
  55. Angus Philatelics - A.Springthorpe ( ), .za
  56. AnhNG Collectibles (Vietnam), Vietnam
    Cite: Entities Index : Vietnam
    www.anhngcollectibles.bizland.com '404' c.2008
  57. Anicet Rethier Inc. (.ca, BNA, .fr & Colonies), .ca-QC
  58. Anil's Collections - Mr. Anil Kumar (), .in
  59. Anjou Philatelie - Hervé Quero (), .fr
  60. Anne Southwood Postnet (Bechuanalands: p/s, p/h. Rhodesias), .za
  61. Annecy Philatelie - Alain Marcoz (), .fr
  62. Anslow, John - .uk-WM
  63. Antanas' Stamp Shop - Antanas Jankauskas (.lt, .lt cat), .lt
  64. Antarctic Philatelic Exchange - Gary Pierson (Philately ..)
    Cite: Polar Regions  
  65. Anteater Design Group (web services), .us-FL
    Publishes: SearchStamps
  66. Antebellum Covers (US Civil War, auctions), .us-MD
  67. ANTEQUERA Calasanz, Manuel {y} Alvaro ANTEQUERA Rodriguez -
    Filatelia Numismatica Carmen Rodriguez (.com), 41004 Sevilla, .es
  68. ANTEQUERA Rodriguez, Alvaro {y} Manuel ANTEQUERA Calasanz -
    Filatelia Numismatica Carmen Rodriguez (.com), 41004 Sevilla, .es
  69. Antonios Philatelics LLC - Anthony R. Kassel (France, Spain, Portugal, Vatican City), .us-HI
  70. Anthony's Stamp & Coin (ww, Coins, Stamps, Paper) .us
  71. Antiqua Filatelica Martinez ~ Filatelia Trafalgar (.com), 08010 Barcelona, .es
  72. Antique Atlas (a directory), .uk menu
  73. Antiguedades Teodoro Anton / Numismatica Teodoro Anton (.com), 08037 Barcelona, .es  
  74. Antiques & Collectibles National Assoc. (general collectibles, insurance), .us-NC 28036
    aka: Antiques & Collectibles Dealers Assoc.
    xRef. : Dealers : MD : Americana Resources (above)
    incl.: Antiques & Collectibles Show Promoters Assoc. (below)
    xRef : Topical Dealers Index : Dealer Associations - Other
  75. Antiques & Collectibles Show Promoters Association, .us-NC
    xRef : Topical Dealers Index : Shows - Pormoters
    old: http://antiqueandcollectible.com/acspa/ '404' c.2011
  76. Antiques Sarl (), .fr
  77. Anton, Antiguedades Teodoro Anton / Numismatica Teodoro (.com), 08037 Barcelona, .es
  78. ANTONIO Gutierrez, Jose - Jose Antonio Gutierrez C.B. (.com), 11201 Algeciras, .es
  79. ANTONIO Prieto, Antonio - SELLOMANIA Filatelia Numismatica (.com), 03500 Benidorm, .es
  80. Antonio Torres UK Ltd - Antonio M. Torres (Auction portal, ww, p/h), .uk-LO
    AKA: Torres On Line / Philaton
    Cite : Dealers : Argentina : PhiLatino : See Also
    xRef : Dealers : Index : PhiLatino
    xRef : Dealers Index : EU VAT system ID
  81. AnyStamps (packets; 300 countries; 60 topics), .us-FL
  82. Aotea Stamps Coins Phonecards (sic), .nz
  83. APAN Sports Stamp Collecting, .us
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Sports
  84. APARICIO Gutierrez, J. - Filatelia Gasteiz (tienda), 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz, .es
  85. APE Packets - (LSN-20070101:61:81); no google c.2015
    8413 N. Via Tioga, Tuscon, AZ 85704
  86. APEX Ephemera (classifieds ..)
    Cite: Topicals : The Arts : Theater
  87. Apex Philatelics - G. Seidner (), .au-Vic
    aka: Superior Stamps
  88. Apex Philatelics Ltd. - Rick Warren, TJ Francis, Britt Warren (approvals, acutions, mixtures), .uk-SU
  89. APO Producciones y Marketing S.L. {y AFINSA Directo S.A.} (.com), 08010 Barcelona, .es
  90. Apollo Stamp Co. - Ernest A. Skolnik (fdc's, .us, ww, supplies), .us-CO
  91. Apollo Stamp Company - John Ziouras (Greece, Cyprus; incl. new issues service @ face value), .us-UT
  92. Applebox Philatelics - Richard Duda, Lloyd Levin (Collections, U.S. incl. P/H & Covers, WW), .us-IL  
  93. Appraisal Course Associates, .us-MD
    xRef : Dealers : USA : DC
  94. Appraisal Foundation, The - .us-DC
    xRef : Topical Dealers Index : Dealers Associations - Other  
  95. Appraisers National Association, .us-CA
    xRef : Dealers : USA : DC
    xRef : Topical Dealers Index : Dealers Associations - Other
  96. Approval Stamp Dealers Society (ADPS), .uk-MS
  97. Apurva Coins & Stamps (First Day Covers and New issue from So. Asia), .in
  98. APX Stamps & Postcards
    aka/q.v.: Almanac Postal Express (APX)
  99. Aquila Stamps - Garry Camolli (Worldwide Stamps, Topicals, U.S. FDC's), .us-FL
  100. Arabia Philatica, @ (Gulf States; e.g. Oman, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait) .uk-
  101. ARACIL Sempere, Francisco (tienda), 28003 Madrid, .es
  102. ARANDA Pascual, Angel {y} Angel ARANDA Modrego - Filatelia Ramblas (tienda), 08002 Barcelona, .es
  103. Arapahoe Coin & Stamp Co. LLC - Rod Hainey (Retail Shop), .us-CO
  104. Aravamuthan, S. (Retail Shop), .in
  105. Arbor Stamps - Michael Homel (BrC'wealth, .eu, ww. wants), .us-MI
  106. Arcade Stamp Shop (Pty) Ltd. - Coen Slagt RDPSA (.za, access.), .za
  107. Archer, D.L. - (approvals), .uk-HZ
    (c.2010 deceased, "Mr Archer passed away some years ago..")
  108. Archer Collection Auctions, The - Ray & Jeanne Pascale (WW & Cite: Toot Toot!), .ca n/a 8/2001
    http://www.archerstamps.com/ '404' (parking) c.2008
  109. Arctic Stamps - Lórens Rafn (Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland), .is
    http://www.islandia.is/~arctic-stamps '404' c.2008
  110. Ardeche Philatelie (), .fr
  111. ARES Martin, J. (.com), 47014 Valladolid, .es
  112. Arenz, Dr. Hartmut (Expertization: Allenstein), .de
  113. Argyll Etkin Ltd (auctions & BWI: Anguilla, Virgin Islands), .uk-LO
  114. Ari Philatelics - Febsi Arcioglu (Philately : Turkey), unk
  115. ARIAS Martinez, Felix - Filatelia Arias (tienda), 28012 Madrid, .es
  116. Aries Stamps and Collectibles (EFOs, Postal History, Postal Stationary, .in, FDC's, VIP Folders...), .in
  117. Aristocrat Cachets (FDC's)
    Cite: FDC's ; diff URL
    [email protected], ; no response 2/2000
  118. Arizona Stamp Dealers Group (Dealer Association, monthly show), .us-AZ
  119. Arjen, Dragtm (Netherlands), .nl
  120. Armadillo Stamps (.us, .un, .jp, .de, .kr, ww), .us-TX
    & : CAMs, FAMs, Zeppelin & catapult flights, space ...
    www.armadillostamps.com/ '404' c.201012 (& [email protected])
  121. Armel Henry Philatelie plus (packets, postcards), .fr
  122. ArmenStamp (Armenia: Agent, Middle East), .us-KS
    Incl. 'Illustrated hingeless album pages for Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh.'
    old: http://www.sky.net/~armen
  123. Armstrong Philatelics, @ (Specializes in all US & Possessions incl. P/H) .us n/a
    One principal serves on PSE's (Professional Stamp Experts) Expertizing committee
    stamp1.com; an associated name is : Patricia Dollar
    aka: Armstrong / Goldstein, .us-CA
  124. Armstrong's Stamps & Books - John Armstrong (Supplies, Canada, EFO's), .ca-ON
  125. ARNAU Soler, Juan Daniel -
    Continental Subastas Filatelicas Sociedad Limitada (auctions, tienda), 08007 Barcelona, .es
  126. Arnika AG .ch
    Arnika (.ch) url w/ENG/ sub directory
  127. Arnott's Stamp Sale - David G. Arnott (private sale: Br C'wealth), .uk-
  128. Aron R. Halberstam Philatelists Ltd. (Br C'wealth), .us-NY
  129. Arphi - Jean-Noël Salabert (stamps, coins, postcards, telecards +), .fr
  130. Arphi Diffusion (), .fr
  131. Arpin Philately, Inc. - Daniel Arpin (approvals), .ca-QC
    aka: API / Vista
    old: http://www.virtusmedia.com/api/ '404' c.2011
  132. ARRANZ Humanes, Gerardo {y} Carlos ENSENATt Rincon -
    Filatelia Carlos Ensenat (tienda), 08037 Barcelona, .es
  133. ARREDONDO Moron, Gerardo (.com), 28004 Madrid, .es
  134. ARRIOLS Tubella, Pere R. {y} P. ARRIOLS Grau - Filatelia Reusence (tienda), 43201 Reus, .es
  135. Art-Col (), .fr
  136. Art'Phil (), .fr
  137. Art et Collection (), .fr
  138. Art et Philatelie - Alain Louiton (), .fr
  139. Art et Philatelie {33} (), .fr
  140. Art Girona - Pedro MASFERRER Castella (.com), 17004-x2 Girona, .es
  141. Art Philatelic Products Ltd. - Chaim Baumstein (.il, auct., event cvrs), .il
  142. ArtCraft Covers - See: Washington Press (maker)
    Cite: Topicals : FDC's
    See Also: PoppyGun, Inc. (ArtCraft catalog)
  143. Arte y Colecciones S.A. (.com), 28007 Madrid, .es
  144. Arteocio - P. BERMUDEZ Romero (tienda), 28012-x2 Madrid, .es
  145. Artex Stamps for Collectors - Kenneth Kerruish (US: 19th Cent, Air Mails, BOB), .us-TX
  146. Arthur Ryan & Co. (GB), .uk-SU
  147. Arthur's Stamps - Tom Wasson (ww), .us-TX
  148. Artmaster, Inc. (FDC's: Artmaster, House of Farnam, Cover Crafts), .us-KY
    Cite: Topcial Directory : FDC's
  149. Artphila, s.r.o. - Karel Jares (wholesale/retail), .cz
  150. Arts et Collections (), .fr
  151. Arts et Passions-Espace Collections (), .fr
  152. Artsakh - Arvest - Sergey Kalantarian (Rep. of Mountainous Karabakh), RMK
  153. Arun Stamps - Tony Hender (Show Promotions*, GB: all incl. Machins, Booklets, FDC's), .uk-NF
    * Norwich Stamp Fair
    * Ipswich Stamp Fair
  154. Aschenbrenner, Paul (United States., WW), .us-WI
  155. Ashbrook Collectables, .ca-ON
  156. Asheford Institute of Antiques (A.I.A.),
    1. .us-FL
    2. .ca-ON
  157. Asfalografia, .se
  158. Ashford Stamps Ltd (auctions, auction agent, .nz), .nz
  159. Ashok Mehta (Indian Philately, Handicrafts), .in
  160. Ashmead Collectibles - Robert Ashmead (Postal History, First Day Covers, Event Covers, Air Mail Covers), .us-FL
  161. Ashton Potter (stamp producer/printer),
    Ref.: World Expo 2000
  162. Asia Philatelics Online - Richard E. Clever (Asia, Ireland. eBay), .us-CA
  163. Asia Stamps Center - Dennis YT Law (.us, .cn, .mo. .tw, .hk), .us-CA
  164. Asian-Oceanic Postal Union {AOPU}
    data needed!
  165. Asian-Pacific Postal Union {APPU}
    Formerly AOPU ?
  166. Asian Stamps - Konstantin Grinchenko (So. & E. Asia, .ua, USSR, Br Col., WWF), .ua
    Cite : Entitles : Regions : Asia
  167. Asian Stamps - Swamy & Susan Iyer (China, .jp, Korea, Manchukuo), .us-NY
  168. A.S.M. Stamps - A P Moore, .au-QLD
  169. Asociacion Filatelica Portena (Agent, club), .ar
  170. Asociacion Nacional de Empresarios de Filatelia y Numismatica de Espańa {Anfil S.A.} ,
  171. Asociacion Empresarios de Filatelia {A.E.F.} (Dealer Associations, retail?), 28013 Madrid, .es
    xRef.: Dealers:, Spain
  172. Asset Auctions Online, LLC - John R. Winkel (RS: U.S. Classics, Revenues, P/History, Match & Medicine), .us-IN
  173. Asosiasi Pedagang Prangko Indonesia (APPI) (Dlr. Assoc.), .id
  174. Associaçăo Brasileira dos Comerciantes Filatélicos (ABCF), .br
  175. Associaçâo de Comerciantes Filatelicos de Portugal (ACOFIL), .pt
  176. Associaçăo de Operadores de Correios e Telecomunicaçőes
    dos Países e Territórios de Língua Oficial Portuguesa (Union), .pt
    Cite: Postal Authorities : Unions  
  177. Association Beligique-chine (Agent), .be
  178. Association Internationale des Editeurs de catalogues de timbres-poste (ASCAT), .fr
    xRef.: Dealers Topical Index : Dealers Associations : Other
    xRef.: Clubs : Regional : World
    Cite: Clubs : National : France
    lists from : 1996 & 2006
  179. Association International des Experts Philatéliques (AIEP), .ch & .at
    Note: Listings denoted (Expert) are 'Consulting Members' and
    are not active as 'Expertizers' but are good contacts.
    Ref.: Terminology: Expertization: Expert Associations: AIEP
    Ref.: Terminology: Expertization: Expert Associations : Sources
    xRef.: Dealers Topical Index : Dealer Associations : Other
    Refs.: Related Individuals: .it-1, .it-2
    Cite: Experts : Data List : c.2002 (last full survey)
    (though selective individuals have been confirmed c.2010 & c.2012)
    xRef.: Clubs : Index
  180. Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques (AIJP)
    xRef.: Dealers : Topical Index : Dealers Association : Other
    xRef.: Clubs : Index
  181. Association of Online Appraisers, Inc. - Dave Maloney, .us-MD
    xRef : Dealers Topical Index : Dealer Associations - Other
  182. Association Suisse des Négociants en Timbres-Poste (ASNP/VSBH) (Stamp Dlr Assoc.) .ch
    a.k.a.: Schweizerischen Briefmarken-Handels Verband {ASNP/SBHV}
  183. Association Suisse des Experts Philatéliques (ASEP), .ch
    Ref: Terminology: Expertization: Expert Associations
    xRef.: Clubs : Index
  184. Associazione Collezionisti Italiani (.it and area), .it
    a non-profit assoc. of collectors
    xRef.: Clubs : Index
  185. Associazione dei Collezionisti Italiani di Francobolli Ordinari (CIFO), .it
  186. Associazione Filatelisti Italiani Professionisti (AFIP), .it
    (Italian Stamp Dealers Assoc.)
    aka?: Federazione Nazionale Commercianti Filatelici Italiani {FNCFI}
  187. Atalaya Cinderella Magazine - Christer Brunstrom (sic), .se
  188. Atelier et Passion - Jean-Pierre Danielewicz (Mail Art), .fr
    aka/formerly: Dauphine Philatelie
  189. Atlanta Stamp & Coin, Inc. - Charles P. Stewart Jr. (United States, Worldwide, Supplies), .us-GA
  190. Atlanta Philatelics, Inc. - D. Robert Autrey, Jr. (Classic U.S., Selected British Colonies), .us-GA
  191. Atlantic Coast Exhibitions (Exhibit/show orgainzer), .us-FL 32137
    {and Beach Philatelics}
  192. Atlas Auctioneers - Clinton E. Goslin (Southern Africa, auctions), .za
    aka: C. G. Stamps
  193. Atlas Haftes AB (Swedish booklets, p/h), .se
  194. ATM (Russian Stamp Dealers Associations), .ru
  195. ATM AKTUELL {aka: ATM Seitz AG} - Markus Seitz, (ATM labels, resources), .ch
    ATM labels, resources like postal rates worldwide (oft cited on this site)
  196. ATM Wiedemann and Maier GbR - Dominique Maier
    (ATM stamps/Franking Labels), .de?, .be?
    aka: Automatenmarken Online (new issues of ww ATM's), .de
  197. ATM Gallery - Jose Luis GARCIA (ATM's, online shop), 43080 Tarragona, .es
  198. Atocha Stamps - Dale Kenney (.ca: esp. KGV-KGVI), .ca-AB
  199. Atout'Collections (), .fr
  200. Atout Cartes (), .fr
  201. Atout Phil - Christian Bento da Silva (), .fr
  202. Atout Philatélie (), .fr
  203. Atzeni, Sylvain (ww, Topicals; polar, Europa), .fr
  204. Au Coin des Collectionneurs - Hervé Rouxeville (), .fr
  205. Au Materiel de Collectiones - Fabienne Todorovic (Retail Shop, Supplies), .fr
  206. Au Plaisir du Collectionneur - Bernard Dedieu (), .fr
  207. Aubagne (& 'Istres') Philatelie - Georges Corradi (Topicals, p/h, coins), .fr
  208. Auckland City Stamps - David Holmes (Postal Auctions), .nz
    Publisher of the ACS Stamp Catalogue. (c.2010)
    formerly with David Leng & Warwick A. Delamore
  209. 'Auction' - See Also (old): Category
  210. Auction-123.com - Gérard Rault (online auctions), .ca-QB
    aka: Stéphabel Stamps for Collectors
    & Auction Store, The
    old: www.theauctionstore.com/ '404' c.2011 (active c.1997)
  211. Auction Agents : Major Terminology, Master List
  212. Auction Agent Switzerland GmbH (sic), .ch
    Cite: Dealers : Topical : Public Auctions : CH : See also
  213. Auction Fire / HomerunAuctions.com - Aaron Bradley (Buy or Sell Stamps), .?
    http://homerunauctions.com/stamps.html '404' c.2008
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