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Books from AJ's Christmas list ...

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Fredrick Highland's basic readers:

Books by Stephen R. Datz:

R. Scott Carlton
From a review, "A MUST HAVE REFERENCE ...Extensive philatelic terms are translated into German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, Polish, Greek, etc. Super for figuring out what stamp inscriptions mean and for determining key words in foreign catalogs.

(I use it regularly - aj. c.2008, 2015)(x)

Techniques of Philately by Leon Norman Williams and Maurice Williams (Mar. 1969)
Basic philately: The art and craft of stamp making (c.1952) by Leon Norman Williams
Cinderella Stamps (Philatelic) (Oct 1970) by Leon Norman Williams and Maurice Williams








  1. Stamp Collecting Is Fun , I. Michael Orenstein

  2. Stamp Collecting (First Guide) , by Neill Granger

  3. Asi Se Colleccionan Sellos (Spanish Edition) (How to Collect Stamps), Ives Taschereau

  4. Stamp Collecting for Beginners , Burton H. Hobson

  5. Showcasing Your Stamp Collection: A "how to" Guide for Creating Original Albums,
    Supplementing Ready-Made Albums
    , C. E. Foster

  6. Fun and Profit in Stamp Collecting , by Herman Herst, Jr.

  7. Stamps and Stamp Collecting (Hobby guides) , by Judy Allen

  8. Modern Postal Masterpieces (What makes a great postal chess player?), Alex Dunne

  9. Collecting Stamps for Pleasure and Profit, by Barry Krause

    Funk and Wagnalls Guide
    to the World of Stamp Collecting:
    The Joys of Stamp Collecting for the Beginning and Advanced Philatelist

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