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Byelorussian Union of Philatelists FIP, FEPA
Pres. Valery Bondarik
Prospect Masherova 50 - 9
220123 Minsk
Email, Tel.: +375 17 2274638
Dmitry Naryshkin ATM-06
P. O. Box 12, Minsk 92, BY-220092
  • Tel./Fx: +375 17 251 94 22
  • @-mail  
    Helpful Belarussian Int'l Stamp Co.
    c/o Mr. Rastsislau Permiakou
    PO Box 126
    BY-220013 Minsk
  • E-mail
    - Sales. Well detailed website covering the autonomous republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, their 50 + stamp issuing and 'Cinderella' regions.  
    Dmitrij and Son Stamps
    Dmitrij {D.K.} Efremov
    P O Box-50, BY-220030 Minsk, Belarus
  • E-mail (E. Europe)
    Mint Ex-USSR, worldwide
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