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  1. Aabech, Jorgen S. - BC-InterStamps, .no
  2. Abdelmoumen, Aouya - Algerian First Philatelics .dz
  3. Abildgaard, Carsten - .dk [URL] (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  4. Abel, Dennis R. (Stamps; Iceland, Israel / online Auctions) .us-MN
  5. Adami, Tom - Aerogramme Society, .au
  6. Adams, Barrie - Grand Prix Memorabilia (sales) .uk-
    www.gpm.cheltweb.co.uk/ ; 'Not There' 12/1
  7. Adams & Associates, Darrell (sales: supplies) .au-WA 6160
  8. Adams, Fran (Philatelic Exhibiting & Judging resource) - See: 'Fran Adams'
  9. Adlington, James S. - J S Adlington Enterprises, .au-QLD 4825
  10. Affectueux, Jars - Thémascout [FR]
    Cite: Topicals : Organizations: Scouting
  11. Aggarwal, Pranay - Global Collector (sales) .us- (.uk-?) ('NO DNS' 10/1)
  12. Aitken, Dr. Peter G. (Canada, Japan, Germany, Resources), NC, USA
  13. Akcumes, Okan - Turkish Stamps Center (WWF, Europa, Agent; New Issuse Svc.) .tr
  14. Alan Ltd., B. - .uk-KT
  15. Alarici, Fabio (Postal Authorities data) .it
  16. Albach, Pastor William [URL] (collector selling US)
  17. Aldrich, Michael E. - ABC Auction (Public Auctions, BOB, Revenues) .us-AZ 85377  
  18. Alevizos, George (auctions, lit., sales & resources) .us-CA-la
    Cite : Gen. Links : Resources
    esp.: Map Resource Center - Cite: Entities Index
    Ref.: .de
  19. Allen, Judy (Author)
    Stamps and Stamp Collecting (Hobby guides)
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List
  20. Allen Philatelic Ltd., David (GB, Br C'wealth, Europe, Far East, p/h) .uk-SY
  21. Almeida, Michael - Marlen Stamps & Coins Ltd (Israel, Europe, C'wealth and Disney) .us-
  22. Almeida, Noel G. - Australian Sports Stamps .au-
  23. Alter, Eunice - Jonal Art Covers (Hand-Painted Covers; FDC's) us-
  24. Ambrosini, Reto - [URL] (Switzerland, space)
  25. Ambrozai, Attila [URL], .hu
  26. Anderson, Alan - Stampview.com, .us-NY
    aka: Alan's Stamps Store, Alan Anderson Stamp Shop
  27. Anderson, Diane & Elmer (sales), .us-AL
  28. Anderson Postal History, Gary (sales: ww)
  29. Andersson & Co., Sören (WW Postal History), .se
    Cite/xRef.: Clubs : Sweden : Swedish Postal History Society
  30. Andreis, Riccardo - Chess on Stamps (Sports & Games)
  31. Andrews Stamps, Simon (sells: Thailand, N. Borneo, Sarawak, Hong Kong & China) .uk-
  32. Apfelbaum Inc. Earl P.L. (Auctions) .us-pa
  33. Aramaki, Yuichi - Stamp-Street [JP] (sales: Japan) .jp
    for English eliminate filename STAMP.HTM
  34. Aranda, Vincent [URL] (Australia, Palestine, Israel, Egypt)
  35. Arkenbosch, Nico [URL] (WW) .nl
  36. Arlitt, Thomas [URL] (ATM) .de
  37. Armstrong, H. - PAVA ('Philatelic Activities Victoria Area') .ca-BC
  38. Aronsson, Malte (Resources)
    dated but good. 7/1
  39. Artini, Alessandro - Sandrostamp, .it
  40. Artur, Zaremba (Trader: Chess on Stamps)
  41. Arvai, William M. (and Lawrence Modlow) - Modlow-Arvai Stamps, @ [Alt. SDI URL] (ww approvals & packets) .us-NY 13810
  42. Arvisais, Michel - Stamps Between Us (sales) .ca-
  43. Ash Stamps, Jenny - Andy Nichols (US) .us-
  44. AsgardStamps (Germany, Italy)
    geocities.com/asgardstamps/index.html ; '404' c.2009
  45. Austin, Roland (1954 Liberty Series, Author)


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