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Last Names     Dealers
  1. R. M. Andrews (sales) .uk-GL
  2. R.J. Chatwin (sales) .uk-WY
  3. R. Howard Courtney (Dubai, Indian Postal Stationery EFOs)
  4. R. Karassek - Stamp-Briefmarken, @ (Worldwide), .de
    Zum Witthage 8, 28870 Ottersberg - Fax: 0049-4293-783068
    Old URL
  5. R. Knaus - StampCat donationware .us-CA-la
  6. R. Krenz - Stamp.de - See: Karenz
  7. R. Mustacich (sales: Battleship revenues) .us-CA
  8. R. Pegeot, .fr
  9. R.O. Strads, .uk-BU
  10. Radomir Danenberger - Internet Philatelistic Shop (Czechoslavakia, auctions) .cz
    Internet Philatelic Shop - Radomir Danenberger, .cz
  11. Ragnar Hanson, .se
  12. Rainer Fuchs - Rainer's Stamp Corner (Philately: Tibet, Columbia, Peru, Russia and Iran) .de
  13. Rainer Reimund, .de (ATM)
  14. Rainer Schweder, .de
  15. Ralf U. Göttelmann - Director : Philatelie.fr (France) [FR, EN] (directory, advertising, sales) .fr
  16. Ralph Greenhut - MCXI Philatelics (ww) .us-
  17. Ralf Krenz - Stamp.de/Phildirekt - See: Karenz
  18. Ralph Leighton - the Robert P. Feynman Stamp Campaign
    Box 182, Belvedere, CA 94920 USA
    '.. a critical step' in an organized effort to persuade the U.S. Postal Service to issue a postage stamp to commemorate Richard Feynman.
    'Feynman collectibles' Ref.: Dealers Index : Tuva Trader, The
  19. Ralph Schneider (German and Austrian Areas) .us-
  20. Randy Neil - Neil Creative Media (Website Design, Hosting & Ad Agency) .us-KS
    Past Pres. of the APS ...
  21. Raphael Cournault (french postmarks & cancellations) .fr
  22. Rastsislau Permiakou and Mikhas Karpovich - Belarussian International Stamp Co. , .by)
    (CIS: .ru & reps, Baltic States)
    Cite: Entities : Notes on the Former Soviet Union
  23. Ray Graham - Quality Company, The (Irish Postage Stamps and Framed Postal Art) .ie
  24. Ray and Jeanne Pascale, Raymond Marriott - Archer Collection Auctions, The - .ca__ n/a 8/2001
    (WW; online in 'Sept.')
  25. Ray and Pam Penhey - P. Penhey & Associates (sales: Br C'wealth) .uk-SU(?) n/a 9/1
  26. Ray Smith (Canada, US Plate Blocks, ChanneI Isls, Europe) .ca-
    (casino chips, baseball, ww)
    http://www.escape.ca/~rsmith/ ; 'Not Found' 11/1
  27. Raymond Goebel, Dr. (Expertization: pre philately - 1900 France and Colonies) .lu
  28. Raymond W. Kerstetter - Luray-Belmont Co. (ex-USSR, .yu) .us-VA 22303
  29. Raymond E. Petersen - Connecticut Cinderellas - (WW; incl. Revenues) .us-CT 06127
    Ref.: vars?
  30. Raymond Weare, .za
  31. Reanie Stamp Page (Disney)
  32. Rebecca Holdridge, Terry & - Iowa Stamps & Coins (US, supplies) .us-
  33. Reg & Helen McGiffin - A to Z Stamp Shop (Canada, GB) .us-ND
  34. Régis Patinet - Courrier d'Autrefois, .fr
  35. Reid Eisenhauer - Acadia Stamps (sales) .ca-
    Acadia Stamps - alt/old URL; ck
  36. Rein B. Van Den Brink, @ [PWO]
    Stamp Printing and Production {Alt. URL} [EN, NL] , .nl
    Cite: Glossary : Bibliography : See Also:
    aka: "Druktechnische Filatelie / Postage Stamp production methods"
  37. Reinhard Hofrichter (Expertization : WW2 Geerman Airmail) .de
  38. Reinhold Lovenich, .de (ww)
  39. Rémy Berra-Gautschy (Expertization) .ch
  40. Renato Fiorencis - Crostamp, Croatia
    covering: Croatia, Slovenija, Bosna i Hercegovina, Italy, France, Yugoslavia
    geocities.com/crostamp ; '404' c.200910
  41. René Demuth (Expert: .lu) .lu
  42. Rene Hillesum - Sheraton and Peel (public auctins) .nl rev
  43. Rene Simmermacher (Expertizatioon: .gr) .de
  44. Reto Ambrosini (Switzerland, Space)

  45. Rhea Melanson's Stamp Pages
    (Domestic Cats, stamp identifier)
  46. Ric...: Ricardo - Richard - Rick (seperate page)  
    'Rob' or 'Robert' - See Also: 'Bob' or 'Robin'
  47. Rob Faux - The Faux's Den .us-
  48. Rob Follett - Emerald City Stamps (Br. W. Indies) .us-WA
  49. Rob (Robert B) Jenson (ww, author)
  50. Rob Leigh - Balloon Mail, .us-
  51. Rob Smit - Postbleed (Topicals, new issues, WW) .nl
  52. Rob Van Opstal (Netherlands)
  53. Rob & Titia Vlaardingebroek [PWO] - .nl
    a. Titia and Rob's Stampcorner [EN]
    features: Stamps designed by H.H. Kamerlingh Onnes
    b. NFVSkandinavie (Dutch Philatelic Association Scandinavia) [EN, NL]
  54. Rob van de Weghe - Stamps on the Web.com [DU, EN] (Netherlands & Colonies, Canada & Prov.; PayPal) .us-WA
  55. Robert E. Barker (sales) .us-GA
  56. Robert van Beeber - Glendale Coin & Stamp (ww) .us-CA-la #
  57. Robert Brunel (Expertization: WW2 Ger. Occ.: Albania) .de
  58. Robert Danzig (sales) .uk-IW
  59. Robert P. Feynman Stamp Campaign - Ralph Leighton,
    Box 182, Belvedere, CA 94920 USA
    '.. a critical step' in an organized effort to persuade the U.S. Postal Service to issue a postage stamp to commemorate Richard Feynman.
    Ref.: Dealers Index : Tuva Trader, The
  60. Robert Françon (Expertization) .fr
  61. Robert Grant (Stamps, Collectibles - No Dealers) .ca-  
  62. Robert Herman (WWF album pgs), .us-FL 32134
    Cite: Topicals : Fauna : WWF
  63. Robert W. Lyman (Expert: BNA, .nz) .un-NY
  64. Robert Margulski - Dinosaurs on Stamps
    Cite : Topicals : Fauna : Dinosaurs
  65. Robert Murray (sales, resources) .uk-Scotland
  66. Robert P. Odenweller (Expertization) .us-NJ
  67. Robert Paratore, @ - Auction Essentials 4u (free Auction Info & Tools; not just philatelic)
    Cite: HomePage/'Table of Contents',
    Cite: Topical Index : Auctions
  68. Robert Schaps [URL]
  69. Robert Stokes (approvals; free offer) .us-OH 43055
  70. Robert Williamson - The Stamp Album (Asia, Australasia .. Postal Bid Sales) .au-VIC 3149  
  71. Robert J.B. Wilson [URL] (India, Hong Kong)
    Paquebot Cancellations {ship markings}
  72. Roberto Cassano (cancels)
    and - Chess on Stamps (Cite: Sports & Games)
  73. Roberto Rosende, Dr. (Expertization: .cu) .us-NY  
    Robin - See Also: Rob
  74. Robin David Gwynn, Dr. (Expertization: NZ, wreck mail) .nz
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Transportation : See Also
  75. Robin Harris - Adminware Corporation (Canada), .ca-
    ck filename
  76. Robin Linke (sales: S. Pacific, auctions) .au-WA 6014
  77. Rod K.Smyczek, .us-TX - Rod 's Briefmarken Zeitung (EN)
    Articles & Stamp News; in English
    Articles cover a wide varitety of philately - esp.: Germany
  78. Roger A. Barton (Military Postal History)
  79. Roger Calves (Expertization) .fr
  80. Roger Pearce - StampLink.com
    Cite: Gen. Links: Resources (directory)
    > Pearce & Assoc: (financial consulting & accounting services), .us-CA
    > Site sub-specialty: .nz directory: xRef.: .nz
  81. Roger Callan - Great Britain 1967-77 First Day Covers (incl. PHQ's, Postcards, Postal Stationery) .uk-
    what a PHQ?
  82. Roger Martin - OZ Stamp (resources) .au-
    Cite: Australia Dealers : Victoria (re: APTA want list svc)
  83. Roger's Stamps Page (fine used thematics)
  84. Roger-Louis Loeuillet (Expertization) .fr  
  85. Roland Austin, @ - Chr.: 1954 Liberty Series Study Committee
    Cite: Authors : Index
  86. Roland Daebel (Expertization: .is, The Iceland Pages) .DE
  87. Roland Klinger, @ (US Flag over Porch stamps)
  88. Roland Meiners (Expertization: German Southwest Africa) .de
  89. Roland Novak (Expertization: .de: Am. & Br. zones Michel 73-100) .de
  90. Rolf Haspel (Expertization) .de
  91. Rolf Frieder Müller (Expertization: WW II : fieldpost, Michel 1-12, 14-15, 17) .de
  92. Rolf Tworek (Expertization: 1916-1945) .de
  93. Rolf-Dieter Jaretzky (Expertization) .de
  94. Roman Aliev (CIS)
    http://members.xoom.com/cis_stamps/ ; '404'
  95. Ron (Ronald C.) Alfin - Alfin's Philatelic Connection (ww, approvals, Disney) .us-NY
  96. Ron Bosbyshell - Hologram Stamps
  97. Ron Herscheit (Sweden, norway, Denmark, Iceland) .nl
  98. Ron Johnson (sales) .uk-HZ
  99. Ron Herscheit (Sweden, norway, Denmark, Iceland) .nl
  100. Ron Rice [PWO], .us-__
    India's Princely States Report [EN]
  101. Ron and Eunice Shanahan (.au)
    members.xoom.com/leisurewrite/xmpage.html ; '404' a/o 9/1
  102. Ron Stolk (aka: "Stampman") - N & J Stamps (auctions, supplies) .au-WA 6965
  103. Ronald C. Griffith - The Stamp Tree, @ SDI (U.S. Approvals, U.S. Mint and Used) .us-WA ; e-mail only!
  104. Ronald Janasch, @ - Deutscher Philatelie Service GmbH [GR] (Americana, Norman Rockwell, history, military, sports) .de
  105. Ronald E. Maifeld [PWO] - Plate Number Coil Collectors Club (PNC3) [EN], MI USA
  106. Ronald F. Steuer (Expertization: many) .at
  107. Rosania R. Soares - Golden Replicas Dot Com (sales) .us-
    Cite: Dealers Topical Index: Novelties
  108. Rose and Tom Wiley - Gateway Stamp Company (sales) .us-
  109. Rosemarie Greuel (Asia) .de
    Claudia (or Rosemarie) Greuel - Briefmarkenversand Rosemarie Greuel (WW thematics, covers, postcards) .de
    [ Alt URL] (Asia) .de
  110. Russ Romei - Stamp Fair.com (Supplies, kiloware, auctions) .us-
  111. Ross A. Towle (WESTPEX show, FIP P/S Comm. CCC SF CA), .us-CA
  112. Ross J Smith, Dr ( STS-51L Memorial Home Page )
    Cite: Space
  113. Rowan S. Baker (Covent Garden Stamp Shop) .uk-LS
  114. Roy Hamilton-Bowen (Expertization) .de
  115. Roy & Debbie Lingen - Pennies per Stamp Approvals :
    aka/See: Lingen's Postal History, .ca-ON
  116. Roy E. Mooney - REM (the REM 7/1/71 Catalog) .us-GA
  117. Roy Simpson, (GB Machins sales and resources) .uk-WM B45 ODN
  118. Roy Weber
  119. Rudy Roy (Auction Agent) .us-VA 23455
  120. Ruggero Benussi (Expert: .yu) .it
  121. Ruth or Alfredo Marcus (Agent) .br
  122. Ruud van Capelleveen - Absolute Figures (accounting services, software, web design) .nl
    Publishes Filahome Internet Magazine
  123. Ryan Woosley (US)


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