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Lyrics to opening and ending songs

The Quest Begins ~ 1
Passage To The Grand Line ~ 2

C = Common
U = Uncommon
R = Rare
SR = Super Rare
GR = Gold Rare

The Quest Begins ~ 1


CH-001 GR Luffy With a Straw Hat
CH-002 GR The Wounded Swordsman
CH-003 U The Mysterious Woman Thief
CH-004 U Captain Usopp
CH-005 SR Red-Haired Shanks
CH-006 U The Dangerous Goddess
CH-007 U Buggy the Clown
CH-008 U The Man of a Thousand Plans
CH-009 C The Soul of Pirates
CH-010 C Instinctive Shooting Skills
CH-011 C The Baratie Assistant Chef
CH-012 C The Miracle Reindeer
CH-013 U The Invincible Masterís Mate
CH-014 U A Glutton
CH-015 C The Perfect Shooter
CH-016 U Axe-Hand Morgan
CH-017 C The Young Navy Sailor
CH-018 C Cabaji the Acrobat
CH-019 C Mohji the Lion Tamer
CH-020 U One, Two, Django
CH-021 C The Speedy Meowban Brothers
CH-022 C The Mighty Meowban Brothers
CH-023 U The Never-Ending Road of the Sword
CH-024 C Vow of the Tattoo
CH-025 C The Baratie Assistant Chef
CH-026 SR Hawk-Eye Mihawk
CH-027 U Revolutionary
CH-028 SR Don Krieg
CH-029 SR Saw-Tooth Arlong
CH-030 C The Guidepost of Pirates
CH-031 R The Anxious-minded Brave Man of the Ocean
CH-032 C Beatific Chopper
CH-033 U Lt. Ironfist Fullbody
CH-034 C Colonel of Branch Office
CH-035 R The Monster of Rogue Town
CH-036 C Justice of the Swordsman
CH-037 U The Swordsman with Six Swords
CH-038 U Merman Karate Master
CH-039 U Water Gun Master
CH-040 C The Bounty Hunter With Shades
CH-041 C The Bounty Hunter With a Forehead Pad
CH-042 C The Chef with a Foul Mouth
CH-043 C The Chef with an Evil Look
CH-044 R The Topnotch Chef of the Ocean
CH-045 C High-Hopes to be the Worldís Best
CH-046 U Queen Alvida with a Metal Rod
CH-047 U The Great Captain with a Straw Hat
CH-048 R The Baratie Chef
CH-049 R The Boogieman
CH-050 U Pearl of Iron Wall


TE-001 C Gum Gum Bell
TE-002 U Tiger Trap
TE-003 U Oni Giri
TE-004 U Getaway
TE-005 C Exploding Star
TE-006 C Carltrops
TE-007 U Leg Oí Wham Supreme
TE-008 R Butterloin Breaker
TE-009 C Scope
TE-010 R Battle for Friends
TE-011 U A Mighty Warrior
TE-012 C A Glutton
TE-013 R Clean Hit
TE-014 U Downswing
TE-015 U A Manís Pride
TE-016 C Temptation
TE-017 U Chop Chop Harpoon
TE-018 U The Dance of a Thousand Tumultuous Tops
TE-019 U Wild Beast Show
TE-020 U Stealth Walk
TE-021 C Mass Hypnotism
TE-022 C Cat Burglar
TE-023 U Out-of-Control Power
TE-024 C Recognition of the Target!
TE-025 C Determination
TE-026 C Comedy Act!
TE-027 C Most Respectful Salute
TE-028 GR Gum Gum Pinwheel
TE-029 R Three Thousand Worlds
TE-030 C Tears
TE-031 C Ketchup Star
TE-032 U Trachea Turnover
TE-033 C Jumping Point
TE-034 C Released Black Sword
TE-035 C Presentiment of a Storm
TE-036 U Destructive Fist
TE-037 C Money Counting
TE-038 C Smoke Screen
TE-039 C Drawing Real Sword
TE-040 C Shark and Awe
TE-041 C Jet Black Ink
TE-042 C The Hundred-Brick Fist
TE-043 C Spitfire Soaker
TE-044 U Sword Attack from the Left
TE-045 U Sword Attack from the Right
TE-046 C The Meat Ball of Doom
TE-047 C Giant Fork
TE-048 R Wanted Bounty Head
TE-049 C Manís Departure
TE-050 U Good Bargain
TE-051 U Nowhere to Run
TE-052 U Ghastly Poison Gas Bomb, MH5
TE-053 C Domination of Evil
TE-054 R Surprise Attack
TE-055 C Rise
TE-056 U Gum Gum Balloon
TE-057 R Heavy Strike
TE-058 C Chouchouís Memory
TE-059 C Pirateís Plot
TE-060 U Defending Battle
TE-061 R Grappling Technique
TE-062 C The Absolutely Natural Pearl Surprise
TE-063 R Chefís Artificial Leg Kick
TE-064 C An Understanding Person
TE-065 C The Launching Ceremony

Passage To The Grand Line ~ 2


CH-051 SR User of the Flare Flare Fruit
CH-052 SR Luffy's Fury
CH-053 SR The First Step
CH-054 GR Dorry the Blue Orge
CH-055 GR Brogy the Red Ogre
CH-056 SR Dr. Kureha
CH-057 SR The Candle Champion
CH-058 R The Prominent Realism Painter
CH-059 R Wapol, the Tin Tyrant
CH-060 U The Adventurous Captain
CH-061 U The Never-Retreating Swordsman
CH-062 U The Smooth-Talking Navigator
CH-063 U The Slick Sniper
CH-064 C The Combat-Trained Chef
CH-065 C The Happy Truepenny Doctor
CH-066 R Lieutenant General of Naval Headquaters
CH-067 C User of the Wax Wax Fruit
CH-068 R User of the Bomb Bomb Fruit
CH-069 U User of the Kilo Kilo Fruit
CH-070 C The Mighty Matron
CH-071 R The Hot-Blooded Batter
CH-072 C The Clean-Up Team
CH-073 C The Original Evil Staff Officer
CH-074 C The Original Evil Sheriff
CH-075 C The Twin Cape Lighthouse Keeper
CH-076 R The Island Whale
CH-077 U The Sword of Condemnation
CH-078 GR The Man to be King of the Pirates
CH-079 R The Great Swordsman of Three Swords
CH-080 U Chef of the Pirates
CH-081 C King of the Island of Exotic Animals
CH-082 GR The Man Waiting at the Higher Place
CH-083 SR The White Hunter
CH-084 U The Laughing Pirate
CH-085 C Seeker of the Sword Road
CH-086 C The Pirate Navigator
CH-087 C The Brave Soldier
CH-088 C A Feminist
CH-089 C The Skilled Blue-Nosed Doctor
CH-090 C Confidence of the Strong
CH-091 C The New Navy Starlet
CH-092 SR The Evil Flower
CH-093 C Phantasmagoric
CH-094 R Knowledge and Enthusiasm
CH-095 C Charisma
CH-096 R The Great Pirate in the Desert
CH-097 SR The Duelist
CH-098 C Navigator in a Dancer's Costume
CH-099 U The Great Adventure
CH-100 GR The Cursed Dry Right Hand
CH-101 R The Oath of the Princess
CH-102 U The Silent Soldier
CH-103 U Sir Crocodile
CH-104 U The Powerful Hitter
CH-105 C The Handsome Swordsman
CH-106 U The Beast of Alabasta
CH-107 U The Wings of Alabasta
CH-108 C The Running Man
CH-109 C Boy of the Island of Exotic Animals


TE-066 U The Great Pirate's Lunch
TE-067 R Hakoku Sovereignty
TE-068 U Gum Gum Double Barrel
TE-069 U Hawk Wave
TE-070 C The Instinctive Insight
TE-071 U Tobasco Star
TE-072 U Taffy Trouncer
TE-073 R Reindeer Roundhouse
TE-074 U The Sword of the Blue Ogre
TE-075 U The Axe of the Red Ogre
TE-076 U Doctor Stop
TE-077 U The Extreme Fist
TE-078 U Extra Special Candelabra
TE-079 C Candle Lock
TE-080 C Colors Trap
TE-081 C Bomb Boogie
TE-082 R 10,000 Kill-o-Guillotine
TE-083 C Brass Knuckles
TE-084 C Hot Blooded Nine! Energy Bat
TE-085 C Elimination Order
TE-086 U Munch Munch Factory
TE-087 U Slim Down Wapol
TE-088 U Breaking the Weak Point
TE-089 C Static Cling Attack
TE-090 U Quattro Axe
TE-091 C Vow of the Reunion
TE-092 C The Drastic Treatment
TE-093 U Fiddle Bam
TE-094 C Great Sacrifice
TE-095 C The Never-Ending Battle
TE-096 C Recreation
TE-097 C The Peculiar Actions of a Genius
TE-098 C The Future of the Navy
TE-099 C Premeditated Crime
TE-100 C The Sturdy Inhabitants
TE-101 R Gum Gum Rapid Fire
TE-102 U Gum Gum Double Barrel
TE-103 R Oni Giri
TE-104 C Dragon Twister
TE-105 C Quick Job of the Thief
TE-106 C The Spirit
TE-107 C Clavicle Schnitzel Kickoff
TE-108 C Face Baste
TE-109 C Sprint Boost
TE-110 U Guard Boost
TE-111 U Heat Fist
TE-112 C Heat Haze
TE-113 C Smoke Snake
TE-114 U Kirimusubi
TE-115 R Three
TE-116 U The Suprise Attack
TE-117 U The Mysterious Power
TE-118 C String Slasher
TE-119 C One on One
TE-120 C Wounds All Over
TE-121 C The Avoidance
TE-122 C The Courage
TE-123 C The Dinner of Pirates
TE-124 C The Friendship
TE-125 R Desert Dagger
TE-126 C Cresent Cutlass
TE-127 U Three Turns and One Kick
TE-128 C Snake Kendo
TE-129 C Pep Talk
TE-130 U Falcon Type
TE-131 C The Rebellion
TE-132 C The Hunch of the Wild
TE-133 C Deceived!
TE-134 C The Grand Escape

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