Sarah Hudson-Pierce
Father and Mother
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Sarah Hudson-Pierce

Sarah has known what it is to be poor and to have been made fun of when she was a child. She has no regrets of the hard life she had lived. In fact, she is proud of her achievements and also of the ancestry she has came to know and love.
This is her story.

Roy, Marcella, Alice, Sarah

Sarah Hudson-Pierce with family. Roy Earnest Hudson, father at the back Marcella Morris Hudson, standing by Sarah. Sarah's sister, Myrtle Alice Hudson-Roberts, standing in front of their dad. This picture was taken in 1955 at their home place near Sulphur Springs, Arkansas where Sarah was born at home in 1948. More about her Parents.






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Ritz Publications was established in 2002, publishing Poems, which was written by the late Julia Pleasants-Creswell. This was done in an effort to preserve the legacy that she so richly deserved, having suffered innumberable tragedies in her young life. More about
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