Parents of Sarah Hudson-Pierce

Marcella May Morris Hudson and Roy Earnest Hudson.

Roy and Marcella Hudson

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First Picture:
Sarah with family. Roy Earnest Hudson, father at the back. Marcella Morris Hudson, standing by Sarah, Sarah's sister, Myrtle Alice Hudson-Roberts, standing in front of their Dad. This picture was taken in 1955 at their homeplace near, out in the country from Sulphur Springs, Arkansas where Sarah was born at home in 1948.

Second Picture:
Sarah's dad, Roy Earnest Hudson, four years of age, living near Sullivan, Illinois. He was an only child and didn't marry until the age of forty-nine while living at Sulhur Springs, Arkansas. He never learned to drive. They rode to town in a horse and wagon until moving to South West City, Missouri when Sarah was seven years of age.

Third Picture:
Sarah's father, Roy Earnest Hudson, less than two years of age. He was living around Sullivan and Bethany, Illinois at that time and was born in 1895.

Fourth Picture:
Sarah's dad, Roy Earnest Husdson, standing by their old wagon, while living on the farm out in the country from Sulphur Springs, Arkansas. (1954)

Fifth Picture:
Sarah's mother, Marcella May Morris Hudson, at the age of eight. This picture was made right after her father remarried and took her back home from the foster home where she and her sister, Aunt Gladys, had lived since their mom's death when she was 2 1/2 years of age. The pain can be seen in her face as she had probably bonded very closely to her foster mother, Clara Knox. (1914)

Sixth Picture:
Sarah's maternal grandparents, James O. Morris and Myrtle May Maples-Morris who died at the age of twenty-five. They ran for land in the Oklahoma Land Rush in Woods County, Oklahoma, before statehood. Sarah's mother was born in the underground Indian dwelling, located on their homestead and this is where she fell through the roof of the dwelling, lapsed into a coma, at the age of two, and suffered some brain damage that would partially handicap her for life.

Seventh Picture:
Sarah's maternal great grandfather, W.H. Morris, born in 1834 in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and a long-time resident of Linn County, Iowa where he lived with her great grandmother, Mary J. Morris, after he graduated from Keokuk Medical College in Keokuk, Iowa in 1864.

Sarah Hudson-Pierce

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