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An international listing of EFL, ESL, or other teaching jobs, including some tutoring
Listing of ESL schools in DC
International Language Institute has ESL classes
The International Rescue Committee has volunteer opportunities for ESL tutors
This Community Service web page has ESL tutor and computer lab volunteer opportunities
LanguageOne is located in Adams Morgan and is a possible source of freelance employment for linguists and translators
Another source of freelance employment for translators and interpreters is Schreibernet Translations, Inc in Rockville, MD

Tutoring Stuff

How to Find Work as a Deaf Tutor
Links to Deaf Tutors
How to search for international Deaf tutors
Tutor Directory for Sign Language
Deaf Tutoring Literary References has a section called "Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education One-on-One Tutoring"
Deafness About article on Deaf Immigrant Students
Effective Tutoring Practices with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students PPP
Tutor Nation
Paper Tutors
Washington DC based Smart Thinking offers online tutoring at Gallaudet University is another online tutoring service for children
Study Zones tutoring resource
Wealthy Tutor helps with your tutoring business with forms and paperwork stuff that you might need

Dictionaries, Thesauruses, Encyclopedias, Etc.

Cambridge Online Dictionary
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
WordSmyth, The Educational Dictionary - Thesaurus
Britannica Encyclopedia
Merrian-Webster Dictionary Online
Longman's Dictionary of Contemporary English Online
Spark Notes
Turn It In helps to find Internet plagiarism
Hatchet Student Survival Guide
Find ezine articles here

Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

Listing of CALL programs, including Tense Buster
A Web Resource for CALL Lab Managers
This CALL Bibliography has 10 references to cloze stuff
The ICICLE Project; An Intelligent Written English Tutoring System for Deaf Students

Tests and Lessons

My Trivia Quiz
My Derecho Experience Comprehension Quiz
The Ordering of Determiners
Vocabulary tests
Is the Sentence Correct? (infinitives included)
Gerund or Infinitive?
Verb Forms Quiz - Gerund or Infinitive?
Verbs with Prepositions or Phrasal Verbs with a Focus on Going

Cloze Stuff

Cloze exercises
More Cloze stuff
My own dasher cloze exercise about my Alaska trip
Another one of my own dasher cloze exercises about Bible verses with the word "deaf"
My own propositions JavaScript cloze test about group tutoring
Another one of my own JavaScript cloze tests about my Toronto trip
My own Cloze Maker text about Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with feeling verbs

DRP Stuff

Table 4 near bottom has DRP and grade level chart