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If you are in the US, please read the Part 15 FAQ.

AM Transmitter Schematics/Notes

Note: In some cases, use of these transmitter circuits without a license may be permitted by law (e.g. 47 CFR Part 15 in the US). In other cases and in other jurisdictions a license may be required.

SPAT Design Challenge Winner
BiasComms 15 watt PLL transmitter
the Poppet half-watt transmitter
transmitter building blocks
Vectronics 1920K kit
Wild Planet Radio DJ
Notes on the Wenzel circuit
Notes on the Gizmo circuit
archive of retired schematics

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Equipment Sources

Mail Order Sources
includes reviews of transmitter kits


Antenna Data

MWA Antenna Handbook

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Got a Question?

C.R.U.S.A. Message Board
some helpful and experienced people...
the server is sometimes sluggish


Frequency Databases


Other Circuits

field strength meter
modulation level checker
audio compressor


Easy Circuits for Newbies

First-time builders might enjoy these...

low power wattmeter
audio mixer
crystal oscillators
1 watt shortwave transmitter

Technical Data

LC tank circuit values
capacitor codes
making inductors on toroidal cores
vacuum-tube modulation techniques

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This is an archive of a page that is no longer
maintained. Some of the links to external sites
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