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My provocative play "Judas' Tale"

Love Poems

The Gift

Precious gift to me you are,
All my heart desires and more.
Under heaven is none so fair,
Loving not who for him cares.


I love him
  for his smile
  for the sparkle of his eyes
  for the goodness of his heart
  for the beauty of his soul.

I love him
  with passion
  with conviction and forever
  with each beat of my weary heart
  with the last fibre of my being.

I love him
  without regret
  without condition or let
  without ending or beginning
  without hope.

I love him
  until my heart shall break
  until the world flood with my tears
  until I breathe my last
  until the sun shines no more

But he loves me not.


The Will

I will make him mine.
  Though Earth Herself conspire against me,
      I will overcome.
      I will win his heart.
   By stubborn perseverance.
   By constant acts of kindliness.
   By words of understanding.
   By joyfulness and cheerfulness.
      He will walk beside me,
         through life's long way together;
      And at the end of that lonely road,
          made a place of joy and peace by he,
      We shall rise to the Heavens
          where our true fate awaits.
      The long delayed reward,
          made more glorious by that delay itself,
          of faithfulness and amity.
      Then two in one and one in twain,
          shall we for ever be;
      Before the throne of One Alone,
          Who above all is Three.

The Smile

When he smiles at me
   my heart stand still
   ....then falls over itself.
The darkest night is brightened
    as by sunrise ray,
    all hopes seem possible
    and doubt is banished far away.

The Presence

Today he passed me by.
    I saw his face,
    but he did not me spy.
The joy of knowing him alive
    and near me made me cry.
His name is ever on my lips,
    his face it fills my mind.
To know he is at home
    as I do wend my way there
    is happiness I almost cannot bear.


Such joyful tears!
Baptism of desire.
An aching heart
Brings forth devotion.

On the way to the Royal Fort

Today he touched me.
Nothing major,
    just being friendly,
    as he passed me by.
But still,
    He touched me.
My heart still glows from the recall
    of his hand upon my hair.
The surprise of joy.
    Amo Te.

Redland Road

I need him by my side,
    at night, and through
    the live-long day.
So close he is now to me,
    so close, yet far away.
Each quiet word,
    each lingering glance,
Is precious to my heart;
So much that I do ever wish
That we might never part.

Open to me, my Brother

Open your heart to me,
    be not wary of me.
I do love you;
   your good is mine
Never thought of hurting you
    could find a place in my mind.
I would cherish,
   not destroy;
Be always sweet,
    yet never cloy.

Open your heart to me,
    unlock the door
    that bars my way.
Such gentle bolts
    could never bar the way
    of one who loved you not.
Yet I am bound.

Will you not beckon me,
    welcome me with your eyes,
    show me that you trust me,
    give my love its chance?
How can you learn to love me,
    if my love you will not prove?
I would wait a life-time
    to hear the words
    I long to hear:
But if you keep your heart's doors shut,
    I have no hope, so

Open your heart to me.


A Place for Me

My place is in your arms;
     arms so strong yet gentle.
My place is by your side,
     to shield you from all harm.
My place is in your eyes,
     eyes so deep yet bright.
My place is in your heart,
     where I may find my rest.



A kiss is all I ask;
     brief touch of lips on lips.
What, is your heart so mean?
What cost in honesty to pay?
What betrayal of self?
What loss of pride?

True Worship

There is a place in my heart
    where only you can enter.
There stands an altar
    where I offer up my life.
There is none other in this world
    that I may truly worship.
There you are my lord,
    my master and my goal.

There I fain would honour and
    cherish without ending.
There I can do nothing
    but call upon your name.
There I am unmade, and yet
    more truly founded.
There I am become bright mystery
    newly blest.

There I long, with longing
    sweet as arrows.
There I cry, with heart-felt tears
There I dedicate to you all my
    vibrant being.
There I pray your good, for that
    I find is mine.

There you are the object of my care.
There you have sure refuge from the storm.
There you can rely on one who loves you best.
There you are divine, an image of my God.

There I beg you take your place.
There I ask you bless me.
There I bid you rest.
There I love you.


The Gift Returned

All that I am, I offer you,
   and wish that it were more.
All that I have, to make you mine,
   One whom I do adore.
All that I am and have
   is not the prize you sought,
But I ask that you will weigh, my love,
   this gift against the rest.

All that I am I dedicate,
   to your sweet service dear;
All that I have I sacrifice,
   to prosper you ever more.
All that I am and have,
   to that I cannot add.
But I pray the Lord his grace to give
   that it may yet suffice.



Do not leave my love.
Do not refuse my love.
Do not disdain my love.
Do not kill my love.
Do not go, my love.

One Two Three

Two of Us,
Two the same yet different.
Two before Our Lord.
Two if we should part.
Two may yet be One.

Two of Us,
Best of Friends and More; you said.
Father and Son, to make Heaven on Earth.
Dear and Wise, Beloved; you said.
And as I child, with unbelieving faith,
I believed your words.

Two of Us.
One to show the path of faith,
One to follow it.
One to care for, One to care;
One to love the One beloved.

Two of Us.
One to speak and One deny,
One to hurt and One to cry.
One to plead and One to lie.
One to live and One to die.

Two of Us.
One last chance for Us.
One last hope for Life.
One ending to the loneliness.
One ending of our strife.

Two of Us.
Our Loving God is Good.
He does not Justice slight.
If deep within the breast He puts
This yearning, it is right.

Two of Us;
No fiery sword denies
Our passage up the mount,
And at the top Jesus awaits
To bless Us with his eyes.


The Dream

You are closed to me, my brother.
Silent as the grave.
I do not know you.
I cannot speak the words that you must hear.
Darkness, ignorance, deceit:
    strange medley of demons.
So much sorrow.
So much pain.

I have a dream:
  vision of an Angel, sword in hand,
  standing on a grassy knoll.
The River of Life runs by,
    flooding forth from
    the distant City.
He is the Sentinel.
He guards the path
    ’gainst all sin and sorrow.
Only Joy and Love and Righteousness
    may pass here.

We approach,
    hand in hand,
    with fear,
    his forbiddance.
Tears well forth.
He is so stern.
Dark penetrating eyes.
The glance of fire.
How may we pass?
It is impossible!

Another is with us.
! Such Joy !
We are enfolded in His embrace:
such strong arms, yet gentle;
   strong enough to bear all the troubles of the world;
gentle enough to bind all the wounds of sin.
He speaks the word and makes the sign.
   He is Himself both Word and Image of Love.
The Angel bows and stands aside.

The waters await.

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