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John Sackett
For not turning away, even when he didn't understand.
Paul Hammond
For asking the question that brought
this whole web site into being.
Paul Miller
For being a true friend.

David Goodrum
For not making any promises, but always being there.

Stephen Protomartyr
For being my earliest example and inspiration.
  • Abraham
    • For showing me that it's OK to argue with God.
  • Socrates
    • For teaching me scepticism combined 
      with humility and a devotion to justice.
  • Plato
    • For so much wisdom and insight.
  • John Evangelist
    • For writing so beautifully and profoundly 
      about Jesus.
  • Origen
    • For demonstrating that open minded 
      theological inquiry isn't the same as heresy.
  • Athanasius
    • For showing me that it's OK to be the 
      odd one out.
  • Mary Renault
    • For testifying to the nobility of homo-gender affectivity.
  • C.S. Lewis
    • For my earliest theological education.
  • Karl Popper
    • For showing me that to quest for subjective certainty is to miss the way that leads to objective truth.
  • Richard Feynman
    • For pointing out that reality has a habit of "kicking back".
  • Ayn Rand and Richard Dorking
  • Ludwig Ott
    • For putting the faith on record, before the modernists could change it!
  • Michael Davies
    • For not letting the liberals have it all their 
      own way.
  • Francis Selman
    • For introducing me to Aquinas.
  • My Mother
    • For showing me, and many others, 
      the love of God.
  • George and Carol Hopper
    • For hospitality and kindness.
  • Balasz Gyorffy
    • For giving me back my self-respect.
  • Derek Jay
    • For showing me how to be a gay Catholic, 
      even though he is an Anglican.
  • A Catholic Priest
    • For telling me that it wasn't wrong to be gay.
  • Zak
    • For showing me affection exactly how 
      and when I needed it.
  • Elizabeth Stuart
    • For teaching me that traditionalism and 
      radicalism are the same.
  • Patricia Grimer
    • For valiantly remaining faithful to the truth.
  • Sue Coote
    • For dogged determinism in the face of 
      hostile authority.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
and Bishop Castro de Mayer
For standing up to be counted.
    For setting an example of uncompromising 
    love for God, for friends and for truth.

John Boswell
For telling the story that no-one else 
wanted to hear.

Paul Hallsal
For compiling the Lesbian and Gay 
Catholic Handbook

Bishop Gumbleton
For daring to speak the truth and rock the boat.

Bishop J. Terry Steib
For simple kindness, courtesy and genuine concern.

Rev. W. Thomas Faucher
Who decided not to be "particularly wise"
Deo Gratias!

Rev T. Radcliffe
For speaking out, 
even though he's part of the establishment.

Gareth Moore
For pointing out that you can't confess what you 
don't think is a sin, and that one non-infallible 
statement can't make make another 
non-infallible statement infallible.

James Allison
For daring to speak and take the consequences.
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