"Palestinians" = LIES


Is improving economic conditions for "palestinian" Arabs conducive to peace?

No, the opposite is true! A landmark study on the subject indicates that the prerequisite for Peace-seeking is not better economic conditions but rather democratic forms of government. Since most Arab countries are far removed from multi-party democracy (see table above), the conditions are not ripe for overall peace in the Middle East. The study concludes that "making´┐Ż inherently aggressive dictatorships of the region more prosperous will not make them more pacific only more powerful" and more willing to pursue armed violence (see article). This is true not only for conflict with Israel but for Intra-Arab conflicts as well (see most recent examples of Iran-Iraq war, Gulf War, etc.).

One of the assumptions of the "Oslo Peace Process" was that it would increase stability by improving the economic conditions for the Arabs of the region. Ironically, since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) the per capita GDP among the P.A. Arabs dropped from $3,500 in 1987 to around $1,000 in 1999. There are many factors responsible for this drop, prominent among them is the corruption of the P.A.

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