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Under Claims and Criticisms
   Chapter 2. Review of miracles in other sacred texts
   Chapter 8. A-the letter and God-the primordial
   Chapter 6. General findings
   Claims of religions
Under "Teachings of Vivekananda"
  1)      Reason in Religion  
  2)      Unity in Diversity
  3)      Religion and religions
  4)      Aryans and Tamils
Making Tirukkural global (More Tirukkural translations in the following languages will be uploaded)
  1)   Uploads soon: Bengali and Urdu
  2) Next upload: Oriya and
  3)   Uploads later: Chinese and Japanese
Comparative religion: Saivism and Islam
  1) Islamic and Saivite mysticism
  2) Concept of God in Islam and Saivism
  3) Qur'an and Tirumandiram: Revelations in their native tongues
  4) Embryology in Qur'an and Tirumandiram


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