Summarizations of Events


The summarizations on this page are derived from how people interpret the Prophetic Sayings of Prophet Muhammad, and how they perceive the end-of-time events to occur; some with relation to current events according to the Prophetic Sayings. Inshallah, I will be using mine as well as others.


  1. 1) Major Signs of the Last Day -The most famous of summaries; one, which you could find just about anywhere on the web.

    2) Current and Future World Events -Taken from the website Answering Bahaullah. It is a summary more thought out in relation to contemporary events.

    3) Current Situation & Prophecies of the Holy Prophet -This was taken from (when it was still up), and is more in tune with my views.

    4) Events During the End of Time -This is actually my summarization. In it, I have basically summarized everything, using prophetic narrations and apparent references to them. The summary covers everything that is seemingly said to occur from World War 1 up until the Day of Judgment, by making a composition of as many related prophetic statements as I can into one long narrative. Unlike the other summaries, this one is constantly being adjusted to reflect my understanding on the subject as I learn more about it.

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