Short Stories IX

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Note from the Editor: These are the three missing parts of the story My Elementary Principal. You can also read in this site the first part of the story and the last part.

My Elementary Principal 2

My Elementary Principal 3

My Elementary Principal 4

My Elementary Principal 2

My principal Ms. Montigue was an English exchange Principal who firmly believed in spanking at school as I related in another story.

In the seventh grade we took physical education and after each class we took showers and got dressed for our next classes.  One day after class the 15 boys in my class were acting up in the shower room and were making a lot of noise that was disturbing students in the home economics class down the hall.

Our principal was called about the noise and came down to see what was going on.  She heard that we were really noisy so she came into the shower room to quiet us down.  Having Ms. Montigue and her two office helpers appear in the shower room while we were all naked, stopped the noise and resulted in a rush for towels to cover up with.  She sent one of the helpers to get a ruler from the home economics teacher, and while we were waiting we had to line up in front of her.

The girl returned with the ruler, and Ms. Montigue had us step forward, one at a time, take off our towels and turn around and bend over.  She then applied 25 swats to each of our bare behinds.

When she was finished there were 15 twelve year old boys in a row with very red and sore bare behinds.

She then had one of the office helpers hold the shower room door open while the other girl got the home economics class and they filed by the open door to get a peak at how the principle had solved the noise problem, 15 bare red bottoms.

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My Elementary Principal 3

After Christmas during my 7th grade year I got into a lot of my trouble with my home room teacher that resulted in my being sent to the Principal's office three times in one week for her to discipline me.   Each trip consisted of my bare behind being whipped with a 24 inch strap that left me sore and crying.

Ms. Montigue always made sure that either during or immediately after my spanking she had to send notes to other teachers which meant that several of her 7th and 8th grade girl office helpers came into her office and witnessed my bare red behind, either being spanked or standing in a corner after a spanking.

The third time I got into trouble that week, the Principle had enough of my behavior and gave me a harder than usual spanking and then after I had stopped crying she had me put on my underpants.    She then she grabbed my hand and took me back to my homeroom which meant that she paraded my very red sore behind clad in only underpants, the length of the school and upstairs to my homeroom.

When we reached my homeroom she marched me to the front of the room and had me stand in a corner while she moved my teachers chair into the front of the room and told my classmates that she had spanked me three times this week already.   When she was finished talking to my class she turned me over her knee, pulled down my underpants and spanked my bare behind in front of my entire homeroom class.   She then had my homeroom teacher give me a second bare bottom spanking, before I was allowed to pull up my underpants.

I spent the last four hours of the day wearing only a shirt and underpants, which meant that I had to change classes walking all over the school showing off my underpants and red behind three times.   After each class change, the Principle would come into my new class, and explain the situation before giving me another spanking in front of that class.   By the end of the day I had been spanked on my bare behind in front of three classes full of my 7th grade friends.

When school was over I had to return to the Principal's office to retrieve my pants.   She kept me waiting in the office for 30 minutes and then gave me another spanking before letting me get dressed to go home.

I was an hour late getting home and my dad was furious, which resulted in my getting a pants down session with his belt, just before bed.   I was just lucky that dad did not notice how red my behind was before he started using the belt, or I would have really gotten it.

I know this type of punishment seems extreme today but in Indiana in 1952, spanking was a normal event and being spanked in public or in front of others was not unusual.

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My Elementary Principal 4

All through the 7th grade I made trips to Ms. Montigue's office to be disciplined about once or twice a month and most were not especially noteworthy, I just ended up with a very sore behind.

The only other one that stands out in my mind is the time I got into trouble with my traffic guard supervisor.   During an argument with her on my corner, I slipped and told her to go to he**.

When I got to school I went immediately to Mrs. Montigue's office with the supervising teacher and received a spanking from both of them.   When the spanking was over I was allowed to put on my underpants and was told to stand in the corner.   Classes started and I started to get dressed, but Mrs. Montigue told me that I was going to spend the entire day in the corner and that I would be spanked again each time the class bell sounded.   The first hour was quite and when the first bell rang she took down my under pants and spanked me with the strap until I was in tears.   This time when I stood in the corner I was not allowed to put on my underpants.   This left my sore red behind on display to anyone who came in or who was in the waiting room outside her office, because she kept the office door open when not in conference.

During the day, Mrs. Montigue had a series of meetings and conferences with other teachers, students and occasionally parents, and they all commented on the obvious result of discipline in her school.

The most embarrassing of these meetings were two parents of twin sixth grade girls who were going to start at our school.   The parents and girls had an appointment with Ms. Montigue and when they arrived her parents had a long discussion with Ms. Montigue while the girls sat and spent the whole time looking at my bare behind.   About halfway through the meeting with these parents, the class bell rang and Ms. Montigue excused herself from the discussion and told them that she had to take care of a little problem.

She got the strap, turned me over a chair in her office and whipped my bare behind in front of the four of them.   After the spanking, the girls and their parents asked a lot of questions about discipline at our school and the parents seemed very excited about Ms. Montigue's techniques, but the girls were obviously less favorably impressed.   This might be because they knew this type of discipline could be applied to their behinds in the future. The rest of the day was uneventful except that my behind was blistered hourly and the bright red result was viewed by a lot of students, staff members and others.

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